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Hillary Clinton announces run for presidency via social media

Posted by Taylor Eisenhauer
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On Sunday afternoon, Hillary Clinton officially announced her plan to run for president in 2016 on social media.

After much speculation over her candidacy, Clinton released her first campaign video “Getting Started” on YouTube and linked to her website (where the video is on the home page) in a tweet. Within an hour, that tweet and a second one detailing an upcoming trip to Iowa had amassed over three million views, according to Twitter Data. Continue reading


Using YouTube as a News Source

By: Claudia Williams

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On the evening of November 3, a woman by the name of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was abducted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the whole thing was caught on film by a surveillance camera on a nearby building. The video shows Freeland being grabbed by a man and forced into his vehicle against her will, all while another car pulled up, watched the whole thing, and left without a word. The media source YouTube

and the Philadelphia PD channel is asking for the public’s help in identifying the unknown car, as well as the suspect involved in the actual abduction.

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What MTV´s programs show

Posted by Sara Campillo

It seems like not too long ago when MTV was a channel where people could watch music videos and learn interesting things about their favorite artists. It’s hard to tell when this changed, but it obviously did. Somehow MTV has evolved into something that isn’t even related to music. Today, this channel is known to produce reality TV shows with questionable ethics.

“Teen Mom” may be a show with the highest shock value. This show is a continuation of another MTV favorite, “16 and pregnant”. Airing a show about young teenagers being pregnant was bad enough, but I have to say that by dragging on this concept through “Teen Mom”, made it seem as though MTV was encouraging this kind of behavior.

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Twitter accelerates the spread of news

Posted By Monica Worsley

Screen shoot taken of Twitter. com #meterorite

In 1957 the Soviet Union became infamous for starting the ‘space race.’

With the launch of Sputnik the country made headlines worldwide.

On Feb. 15, 2013, news of outer space related events once again funneled out of the former Soviet Union. A meteorite struck in Chelyabinsk, Russia, damaging buildings and injuring residents.

In the ‘age of social media’ there are noteworthy implications of the event for those other than scientists and Siberians.

As Steven Hendrix of The Washington Post reports in his article “In a modern world, meteorite’s impact is instantly global,” technology changes have accelerated the speed of news circulation. An event that may have passed under the radar in the past was rocketed to the top of world news due to its instantaneous popularity social media.

And less than one week since Twitter posts and Youtube videos launched the news into cyberspace there have been over two million view on just one of the several Youtube clips and the #meteorite became a new hashtage.

Gone are the days of ‘headline making news.’ In this day and age it is all about Youtube views and hashtage use.

Any thoughts on a new term to describe newsworthy events?

Hashtags are #everywhere

Hastags have overflowed from their throne on the Twittersphere to other social

photo thanks to celesteh,Charles Hutchins

photo thanks to celesteh,
Charles Hutchins

media sites such as Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr.  According to socialmediatoday‘s articleUsing Hashtags as Strategic Objects, today many companies make use of the hashtag as a tool to consolidate their campaign across many different platforms.


Reading socialmediatoday’s article on hashtag advertising unity a little voice in my head repeated, “Hashtagging — I think we’re doing it wrong.”

In my mind two types of hashtag offenders exist. First the hashtag purist. The person or company that never hashtags anything. Congratulations your posts look sleek, no obscene symbols obscure your beautiful text, too bad no one will see your masterpiece. Then you have your #too #much #of #a #good #thing #offenders. These are the accounts that hashtag almost every word — no matter the significance. This amount of hashtagging will confuse and disorientate readers.

The article  Using Hashtags as Strategic Objects lets us in on some tips that help social media users avoid a hashtag misfire. Here is the main points I took from it: Use hashtags sparingly and keep them simple. Too many in one post confuse the reader. Also, if you are going to hashtag something make sure it is meaningful and consistent with your message.

For more tips visit Using Hashtags as Strategic Objects.

In the end I decided the tips and tricks that the article mentioned are completely applicable in helping social media users communicate their brand with others, unifying their personal brand across multiple social media sites and in general  helping users make the most out of their hashtags.

#So what is your hashtag strategy?

The ONE Campaign’s social media ‘prank’

Posted by Megan Berberich

I receive emails from the ONE Campaign quite often, but on Sunday when I saw the headline, ‘Kittens will be banned from Youtube” I was intrigued. Funny cat videos will be banned by 2015. This had to be a joke right?

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Social Media: Friend or foe?

Social media is a double-edged sword. It enhances communication, and creates convenient and efficient mass-marketing and promotional methods. Communication can be constant and news becomes instantaneous. With social media, people can always know what is going on in the world. Just this past weekend news of Whitney Houston’s death broke out on twitter 27 minutes before the mainstream media, according to mashable.

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