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Net Neutrality: What is it and Where is it Headed?

Posted by Morgan DeBoest

Maybe you’ve heard of net neutrality. It’s probably come up on the news or in class, but you’ve never given it much thought. Common Cause‘s definition of net neutrality is “the principle that Internet users should be able to access any web content they choose and use any applications they choose, without restrictions or limitations imposed by their Internet service provider.”

Photo courtesy Steve Rhode

Photo courtesy Steve Rhode

So what does this mean? We are all able to use the Internet on our computers, phones, and tablets for as long as we can remember without giving the reason we can do that much thought. The freedom of expression and innovation has been widely available because Internet users haven’t been overly regulated by Internet providers. Net neutrality has been law since 2010 (when the FCC adopted it), but recently it’s been spun into a bit of a controversy.

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Wired cover-up

Posted by Jill Van Wyke

Our recent discussions on what’s appropriate (or not) on magazine covers prompted me to post this. The Des Moines airport book shop has deemed the November Wired cover too risqué and given Wired the “Penthouse treatment.”

Here’s the cover, and here’s how the airport book shop displayed it:

November 2010 Wired

The "Penthouse treatment"

Returning home, I noticed the Louisville, Ky., airport made no such cover-up attempt.