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Who is winning the race? Technology or Journalism?

Since the invention of the internet, there has been a race between journalism and technology with no finish line in sight. As of right now there is no telling who will win this race, but those who have managed to get a head start, have mastered how to work hand in hand with the continuously changing world of technology.

This head start isn’t just limited to creating an app that earns a place in the “top charts” of the app store, or making a website that gets a million views, moments after it goes up. It is so much more than that. It is about learning how to continue the creating of new ideas THROUGH technology.  Continue reading


Goodbye Photojournalism, Hello Amateurism: The Downfall of Journalism Specialists

Original illustration

Original illustration

In a gust of controversy, the Chicago Sun-Times fired its team of photojournalists earlier this year. The justification? Reporters armed with iPhone cameras can do the job just as well.

Is this practice the new paradigm? An article by Lou Carlozo recently questioned if photojournalists are a “digital casualty.” A main point of the Chicago Sun-Times’ decision, Carlozo says, was to devote more dough to video production (that is, reporters hitting “record” on their iPhones).

As more publications move online, users demand interactivity. Brands amp up multimedia, brainstorming new ways for users to click and browse. Online newspapers become flashier and more involving, and “play” buttons abound. But will old-fashioned print journalism—and the photographs that accompany it—be left in the dust?

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Data shows New York Times paywall decreasing site traffic

By Ryan Austin

A Mashable article released yesterday shows that the New York Times paywall has decreased traffic to the website. The Times paywall charges users for extended content access. CNN reports that the Times allows users to view 20 articles every four weeks, but if a user goes over that limit they will be prompted to pay before they can view more articles.

Will the paywall be a successful business approach? Will other companies adopt the paywall? Image by Jason Kuffer.

According to Mashable, the paywall has decreased unique visitor traffic to the site by 5 to 15 percent. The total number of page views has decreased between 11 and 30 percent. These drops were observed during the first two weeks of the paywall’s launch. Continue reading