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Networking: Your way in

By Meagan Flynn

We’ve all heard it before: It’s not about what you know–it’s who you know.

As young journalists looking to set foot in the field, we should accept that that statement is true in many cases. While we are looking for the most ideal and beneficial internship, knowing people who know people–who know more people–makes it a lot easier to secure the right one. All it takes is a simple email or the drive to introduce yourself after a speaker’s presentation.

Last weekend I attended the ACP National College Media Convention in Chicago, where there were dozens of opportunities to network with dozens of speakers. One of the most beneficial sessions for me was on narrative writing–my niche. I made it a point to meet the speaker afterward, a longform supporter from CNN.

Somehow, I ended up talking to her for almost an hour. So, I’ve come up with a quick guide to networking: Continue reading


DSM Band Bombshell: Local Music Journalism

The Des Moines music scene is ever growing.  More and better bands are getting a stronger following than in years past.  Erika Owen, a Drake University journalism student, recently created a blog dedicated solely to that explosive scene.  DSM Band Bombshell is your new one-stop shop for all things local music related. Continue reading

The new investigative journalism: dig for jobs

Recession, depression, unemployment, downsizing, black hole.

However it’s phrased, the message is the same—stay in college, kids, or work at Walmart. But those are not the only two options for journalism majors. An investigative and resourceful bunch by nature, we can make it in the big, bad world f cutbacks, right?

Poynter Online broadcasts severals sessions each week on topics ranging from the ever-changing, dismal job market mentioned above to the writing tips that help fend off writer’s block. One of the Web site’s newest chats illustrates how to use your network to find jobs.

Click through to read an excerpt of Poynter chat “Is it what you know, or who you know?”

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