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Rolling Stone’s ‘mistrust’ in source reflects every journalist’s fears

Posted by Jenny Krane

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Yesterday, police investigating the alleged gang rape on University of Virginia’s campus suspended their investigation after finding no evidence to support the accuser’s claim. Jackie, the victim of the alleged rape, was aided in telling her story by an in-depth piece by Rolling Stone.
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What does the future hold for college journalism programs?

Posted by Stephanie Gaub

The Southern Institute of Technology has just announced that it’s dropping its journalism program after 16 years, saying it is unlikely that the program will ever return to their campus.  SIT is one of many schools experiencing declining interest in the field of journalism.

According to a study done by the University of Georgia in 2014, enrollment at Columbia College Chicago and Indiana University-Bloomington has been falling in recent years as well.

Kaua‘i Community College in Hawaii announced today that it will be shutting down it’s student newspaper at the end of this semester, after more than 30 years of production.

With so many schools struggling we are faced with a difficult question. What is the future of college journalism programs?

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Media has outed Bruce Jenner without credible information

Posted by Jenny Krane

Have you heard that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman? I’m sure you have. Everyone has. But the strange thing about this widespread knowledge is that nothing has been confirmed—Bruce hasn’t come out as a transgender and his family hasn’t confirmed his alleged sex change. So why do we all “know” this about legendary Olympian Bruce Jenner? Continue reading

Urban Outfitters, poor taste once again

Posted by Molly Lamoureux


After the outrageously offensive Kent State sweatshirt fiasco in the summer of 2014, Urban Outfitters seemed to evade ridicule after a public apology. Little did we know, that would be the first of the store’s many public offenses.

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Using YouTube as a News Source

By: Claudia Williams

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On the evening of November 3, a woman by the name of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither was abducted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the whole thing was caught on film by a surveillance camera on a nearby building. The video shows Freeland being grabbed by a man and forced into his vehicle against her will, all while another car pulled up, watched the whole thing, and left without a word. The media source YouTube

and the Philadelphia PD channel is asking for the public’s help in identifying the unknown car, as well as the suspect involved in the actual abduction.

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Media Coverage of Muslims and Islam

I went through customs in Rome after studying five weeks in Morocco. The customs officer asked me a lot of questions. I told her I lived with a host family. She asked me if they helped me pack. She asked me if they could have put anything in my suitcase.

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How much would you risk to report the news?

By Courtney Fishman

warning sign

Warning Sign by Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr, Creative Commons

Would you risk your life for for your job? Photographer John Moore does.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never viewed journalism as a “dangerous” career path, but after reading a NY Times article about the precautions photographer John Moore takes to ensure safety while shooting photos of ebola patients, I’m beginning to reconsider this notion. Continue reading