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Bud Light Marketing Faces Criticism

Posted by Melissa S.
Photo by Michael Dorausch. No changes were made.

Photo by Michael Dorausch via Flickr. No changes were made.

Marketing errors happen. One company’s mistake will shortly be forgotten by the time the next scandal plays out. But with how often these occur, you’d think by now brands would get a second opinion. Earlier this week, Bud Light could have used a second opinion. Continue reading


What is Search Engine Optimization? (And Why Should I Care?)

Posted by Sami Smith

Courtesy of findyoursearch.com

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the flash flood of journalism marketing. It snuck up on businesses, writers, and publications, leaving a cloud of confused journalists and professionals behind. I remember hearing the term for the first time a few years ago, assuming it was a tech-y term I wouldn’t actually need to understand. In the past year, however, I was proven oh so wrong. If you are a journalist, you need SEO.

Picture the process as a ranking system for Google. The most relevant, quality information gets put at the top of the search choices for any Google search. The search engine beast puts out a “spider,” or “crawler” over the whole WWW. It picks up on how each site is laid out, which terms they use to refer to specific items or topics, and then ranks them as compared to the most popular things the general public searches in Google. For instance, if you are a clothing blogger, Google Analytics will tell you that you want to use the term “women’s clothing” versus “clothes for women,” because more people are searching the former. By choosing the most popular terms, you climb up the ranking ladder. With each tip you check off of your SEO checklist, your site comes one step closer to becoming one people are more likely to see.

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