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Journalism in the Movies

By Bailey Berg

Recently, I’ve been applying for part-time jobs outside the journalism industry, and it seems like every time I tell a potential employer that I’m a journalism major it conjures up certain assumptions, not all of which are good.

These ideas have to come from somewhere, and it’s very likely they’re from the movies. While journalists have lent themselves to some great characters over the years, they’re not always portrayed well.

Whether they’re dramas like “Good Night and Good Luck,” “The Pelican Brief,” and “The Killing Fields or so-called “chick flicks” like “How to Loose a Guy in Just 10 Days,” “Sex and the City,” or comedies like “Almost Famous,” and “Zoolander,” or any other of numerous journalism based films, journalists are portrayed in certain ways. Some times we’re glamorous, other times we’re a nuisance to society.

Here a look of what the average person might see when they think of journalists. 

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