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Tablet Technologies’ Effects on Publication Industry

Posted By Annika Peick

To say the journalism industry has changed quite a bit since the publication of America’s first newspapers in the 1700s would be an understatement. Over the course of the its history, journalists have seen dramatic changes in content and style, design and delivery, but now they are also witnessing a total reinvention of the business as a whole.

With new technologies like the iPad 2 developing, the publication industry will have to change the ways in which it delivers content to consumers. Photo from Creative Commons.

According to an article featured in Folio Magazine last week, John Loughlin, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Hearst Magazines, highlighted four aspects of the industry magazine publishers in particular should keep an eye on for the future. In his keynote speech for the Direct Marketing Association‘s Circulation Marketing Day kick-off, Loughlin also worked to squash the growing debate of print vs. digital forms of media.

According to Loughlin, the only way to bridge the gap between these two forms is “to embrace the possibility of ‘and,'” signaling a shift from viewing them as separate entities to realizing them as equally valuable in their own rights.

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