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New Facebook feature works to prevent suicide

Posted by Jenny Krane

Photo by Bloomberg

Photo by Bloomberg

In February of 2015, Facebook announced a new feature: reporting self-threatening or suicidal posts as a way to attempt to prevent suicide. To create this feature, Facebook partnered with suicide-preventative organizations like Forefront and Save.org.

With an increase in cyber-bullying and self-injury in teenagers in the past 10 years, this feature is an important development in social media. Suicidal posts on social media are often a cry for help, and this feature provides a way to help a friend or acquaintance in need. Continue reading


What will come of Facebook’s potential new partnership with news organizations?

Facebook may be forming a new type of partnership with news organizations soon. While nothing is official yet, many people are concerned about the effect that this partnership could have on news content.

This partnership would allow news organizations to post their stories directly onto Facebook, differing from the current system that forces readers to follow a link to access news content.

Embed from Getty Images

This new partnership could bring in a great deal of revenue for news organizations.

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Do Viral Videos Really Deliver the Message?


Photo courtesy of Mark Smiciklas via Flickr

By: Sarah Mattes

We all know that technology is important to today’s society, people can’t even go a hour without checking their Facebook or Twitter feeds. We are a generation dependent on technology and the constant flow of information.

This small fact is what companies thrive on! Companies spend millions of dollars  and hundreds of hours on creating social media campaigns and advertising. They need to bring their product to your newsfeed. Most of the ads or tweets you see are for products such as Coca-Cola or Toms shoes, but recently more and more non-profits are joining the feed.

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Life Saving Social Media

By Heather Kilby
Wikimedia via Creative Commons

Wikimedia via Creative Commons

Yes I said it. Social Networks truly do save lives. Many people ridicule social media as drama-ridden and wasteful of time. Certainly it has proven to be a bit of both, but I want to play the devil’s advocate here. Has anyone ever considered the convenience and public nature social media possesses as a positive thing?

Think about the lives it has possibly saved by children threatening to harm other students at school the next day by taking part in the bullying epidemic or even school shootings. Think about the way social media allows society to stay in immediate communication with breaking news and with their long-distance family and friends. Continue reading

Social Media: How Far is too Far?

Posted by: Sami Smith

Most aspects of my life involve social media. Not just because I am a journalism student, but because it is how this era is. Communication is evolving, and the way we talk to each other is  directly impacted by the vast growth in the web and social media. I embrace this as the way things are. However, after seeing a post on the Fast Company site, I had to think twice. The post was publicizing a social media push to tweet at a plant to convince it to grow faster. These messages were sent in text-to-speech technology, which was tested against a plant given no “encouragement.”

I thought “Wait. Am I actually being asked to tweet at a plant? To encourage it to grow? It may have some scientific back-up, but is this really where social media is heading?” So where is social media heading? What aspects of our lives will we soon be able to control with a tweet? And what consequences could this have on the media dependence of future generations?

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What to do about social media?

By Faith Brar


Photo By: Faith Brar

My parent’s idea of a present on my 13th birthday was to suggest that I apply to 1 of 3 boarding schools they thought would prepare me for college better than any school in our hometown. As you can imagine, it took me a while to get used to the idea, but eventually I succumbed to it and decided to attend Cheltenham Ladies College in the U.K.

Traditional British boarding schools take discipline seriously. Looking back, I remember the most difficult things to get used to included handing my phone in before going to class, planning my homework knowing that the I wouldn’t have access to the internet after 9:30 p.m., and having to add our matrons on Facebook so that they could monitor our social media activities and make sure we were being appropriate.

It made me angry then and it makes me angry now.

Today, the realm of social media is much vaster and it is interesting to see how schools in the U.S. are tackling this “issue”. Continue reading

Buying a Social Media Audience

By Hali Ortega

Five dollars can buy you a cup of coffee, a fast meal, and thousands of Twitter followers or Facebook likes. Purchasing a social media audience has been a tactic many people and businesses use with the hopes of building a real following. Websites like fiverr.com allow this type of social media presence boost in as little as 24 hours.

Photo from Tod Barnard

Photo from Tod Barnard

The question is do these services really work? On a journalistic endeavor Sam Biddle of gizmodo.com purchased followers under a friends Twitter handle. For five dollars he managed to get 2,000 followers, so it seems these services do work.

Besides the ethical issues, there are plenty of downsides to purchasing followers or likes. Continue reading