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Google Update Means Big News for Mobile

Posted by Melissa S.
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Google updates its algorithm almost monthly. But with an upcoming update expecting “significant” effects, many are reading the small print and preparing their websites for the impact. Continue reading


What is Search Engine Optimization? (And Why Should I Care?)

Posted by Sami Smith

Courtesy of findyoursearch.com

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the flash flood of journalism marketing. It snuck up on businesses, writers, and publications, leaving a cloud of confused journalists and professionals behind. I remember hearing the term for the first time a few years ago, assuming it was a tech-y term I wouldn’t actually need to understand. In the past year, however, I was proven oh so wrong. If you are a journalist, you need SEO.

Picture the process as a ranking system for Google. The most relevant, quality information gets put at the top of the search choices for any Google search. The search engine beast puts out a “spider,” or “crawler” over the whole WWW. It picks up on how each site is laid out, which terms they use to refer to specific items or topics, and then ranks them as compared to the most popular things the general public searches in Google. For instance, if you are a clothing blogger, Google Analytics will tell you that you want to use the term “women’s clothing” versus “clothes for women,” because more people are searching the former. By choosing the most popular terms, you climb up the ranking ladder. With each tip you check off of your SEO checklist, your site comes one step closer to becoming one people are more likely to see.

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Tweet Tweet #Grammys

As well all know the Grammys were held this past Sunday night, but did you know that 13.2 million tweets were sent during the East Coast airing of the show?

Twitter has become a social media monster. It consumes the thoughts of everyone and puts them out for the world to read. You almost didn’t have to watch the Grammys to know what was going on- all you had to do was check your twitter feed.

Tweets per minute (TPM) varied throughout the show but certain incidences causes it to peak. For example when Jay-Z accepted his award for Best Rap Collaboration with Frank Ocean, The Dream, and Kanye West, twitter fans had their fingers moving at the speed of light to have about 116,400 TPM.

And who can forget the ‘Beliebers’ blowing up twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram, with their pictures of them sobbing, when Bieber’s video feed was cut short at the Grammys because of technical complications.

Overall the #Grammys was the most trending topic on Sunday night and into Monday. Today it is number 7, which means it is still on everyones mind.

Topics of tweets varied from artists, performance, red carpet attire and victory/loses.

Too see exactly what stars were most trending visit:


What do you think journalism is?

Photo accredited to: Mike Wesler

Posted by Nicole Kasperbauer
Journalism can be a variety of things to different people. Some may believe journalism is what it use to be in the past, others have upgraded and realized journalism is moving on to bigger and better things.

For me, the colorless newspapers that cost ten cents never caught my attention enough to sit down and truly enjoy what I was spending my time on, but that is not the case for all. While growing up, social media was blared into every motion of my life. Myspace, AIM, MSN Messenger, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. It was and is now everywhere. Continue reading

Blogging and Identities

(Via the FreeAmina Facebook group)

Posted by Ashton Weis

Pen names or noms de plume have been a part of writing for decades. From Voltaire to Mark Twain, writers have written under fake names for some reason or another. When pen names are used in conjunction with a piece of fiction, the reader doesn’t expect the accounts represented by the writer to be true. When a reader reads a blog though, there are certain expectations that are usually also in place.

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Should Bloggers Get Paid?

Posted by Laura Jordan

It’s no secret that journalists aren’t exactly rolling in the dough – but did you know that they make 42 percent less than the national average for all jobs? Add in the long hours researching and writing (not to mention rewriting!), and journalists do a lot of work for very little – especially online.

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The internet is awesome. You can’t deny that. But it’s also a bit problematic. There are copyright problems, censorship issues, and now payment disputes. Yesterday, a group of bloggers filed a lawsuit against the Huffington Post and AOL (which took over the Post in February). The goal of the lawsuit? Precedent for bloggers to get paid for their work.

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The ethics of Foursquare and kickbacks

Posted by Lizzie Pine


Many people keep trying new ways to make money off of social media, blogs and anything they can think up online. Most people know they aren’t going to make the next Facebook, so if there are easier ways to score a few bucks off the Web, they want to know how.

Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley wants to give his users kickbacks. A kickback is money given to someone who referred a product. It’s a paid form of word-of-mouth marketing, where advertisers pay a social media user to get their followers to buy certain products.

But there’s a glitch.

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