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Awful but Necessary: Public Radio Membership Drives

Photo courtesy of Todd Huffman, some rights reserved.

Photo courtesy of Todd Huffman. Some rights reserved.

Posted by Austin Cannon 

I grew up with public radio. In our house, we would always have 89.3 KCUR, Kansas City’s local National Public Radio (NPR) station, playing during breakfast and while dinner was being prepared. Personal favorites include A Prairie Home Companion, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, Car Talk (“don’t drive like my brother”) and, of course, Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

I don’t listen as mush as I should when I’m at school, but I usually turn it on a couple of times a week. In late September and April, the inevitable happens. The membership drive.

No no no no. Instead of listening Steve Inskeep’s familiar voice, I get some guy from a local bank begging for money. Ugh. Continue reading


Use J-term to make an online portfolio

post by Lindsay Susla

If you’re not planning to take a class this J-term, you may be unsure what to do with the six weeks off school looming ahead of us.  Use that time to learn a new skill, update your resume, or make a website or blog to showcase your writing clips and portfolio.  When it comes time to apply for internships, you will be glad to have this fabulous way to showcase the work you’ve done, as well as show off your web and technology skills.


Here are a few links to help you get started on a portfolio website: Continue reading

Tips for Journalism Students

Posted by: Madeline Lumley

Today in class, we were lucky enough to have Kendra Williams, Travel Editor for Midwest Living, come in and speak to us about her experiences in the world of journalism. Out of all of the interesting tips and stories she shared with us, one quote in particular stuck out in my mind and kept me thinking all day: “Doing good work is not good enough.” She was telling us a story about an apprentice who did great work, but was very introverted and didn’t really interact with the other Midwest Living employees. Her introversion might cost her a job in the future, Williams told us.

This caught my attention because I am naturally an introverted person. I’m much less shy nowadays, compared to when I was younger, but I think there’s always room for improvement. So, how can someone like me (or, really, any aspiring journalists) get themselves out there?

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Employees’ Speech Protected by Facebook


Photo from Mashable

Posted by Jackie Wallentin

Jim Smith: “My boss sucks. He doesn’t know how to do his job. I hate this company. Let’s boycott. Petition to impeach?”

Jim’s boss sees this post on Facebook. He sees that other employees have also commented, agreeing that he fails at his job. He sees that nine people have liked the status and that many more will before the night is over. Can he fire Jim for emotional distress or hateful speech?

According to The National Labor Relations Board, Jim’s speech is protected. The independent agency has declared Facebook posts as protected speech within the First Amendment, even speech that is hurtful or negative.

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