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Hijacking Social Media Movements

by Kendall Wenaas

Photo by Carmen Escobar Carrio. No changes were made.

Photo by Carmen Escobar Carrio. No changes were made.

Feminists are ugly, fat, pantsuit-wearing, people with body hair that would embarrass Chewbacca. At least that’s what some Twitter users are saying with the hashtag #HowToSpotAFeminist.

A couple days ago, the feed was filled with insulting tweets written by uniformed people. But now, self-proclaimed feminists are trying to take control of the hashtag.  Continue reading

Baltimore News Coverage

Post by Angela Ufheil

Freddie Gray was 25 years old when he died from a spinal injury while in police custody. Activists took to the streets to protest what appeared to be yet another case of police brutality against an African-American man. Unfortunately, the point of those protests was obscured when several protesters became violent, and the “riots” became the focus of the story.


Activists march down historic US Route 1 to protest Freddie Gray’s death. Photo courtesy of Stephen Melkisethian.

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Social Media Companies Want to Control the Internet of Things

By Lauren Reno


Photo Credit: Vintagedept via Creative Commons.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming huge in recent years. You can find an explanation of the IoT here, but basically, it means connecting with “things” via your smart phone. This can be as simple as opening your garage door, or viewing how many miles you’ve driven recently, using apps.

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Political reporter leaves CNN for Snapchat

by Brita Olmstead
Embed from Getty Images

National political reporter Peter Hamby is leaving CNN to join Snapchat as the popular photo-messaging app’s Head of News, Politico reported Monday. At CNN Hamby earned the reputation as one of its best political reporters, where he has his own weekly series Hambycast. On it he tells the stories “behind the campaigns.”

Hamby will work on Snapchat’s newer feature called Snapchat Discover, a feature for media organizations to share news stories and updates.

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“Daily Mirror” Continues to Face Phone-Hacking Allegations

Posted by Beth LeValley

Mirror Group Newspapers, Britain’s biggest newspaper group, has been under question for articles that could include information gathered from phone-hacking. While the last three years it has been denying these allegations, it has recently confirmed that phone-hacking was involved in former stories.

Piers Morgan was an editor at Daily Mirror from 1995-2004, when these phone-hacks would have been present.

Photo courtesy of gettyimages.com

Photo courtesy of gettyimages.com

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Ted Cruz: hypocrite or lawful American citizen?

Openly religious president candidate (R) Ted Cruz once spent 21 hours filibustering ObamaCare. So, when the Cruz family adopted ObamaCare recently, media controversy was inevitable.

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Hillary Clinton announces run for presidency via social media

Posted by Taylor Eisenhauer
Embed from Getty Images

On Sunday afternoon, Hillary Clinton officially announced her plan to run for president in 2016 on social media.

After much speculation over her candidacy, Clinton released her first campaign video “Getting Started” on YouTube and linked to her website (where the video is on the home page) in a tweet. Within an hour, that tweet and a second one detailing an upcoming trip to Iowa had amassed over three million views, according to Twitter Data. Continue reading