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Apple’s long-awaited emoji update

Posted by Kendall Wenaas
Five different hair and skin tone combinations are available for each person emoji. Photo by Kendall Wenaas.

Five different hair and skin-tone combinations are available for each person emoji. Photo by Kendall Wenaas.

In addition to the typical bug fixes and improved performance, Apple’s newest iOS update came with a much-needed, redesigned emoji keyboard.

Besides some new national flags—Canada’s has finally made the list—new animals and other assorted icons have been added.

But perhaps the most important change is in the people emojis. They’ve all been turned yellow—until you click on them. Then five different skin and hair color combinations  pop up.

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North Charleston police to wear body cameras via mayoral executive order

Posted by Paityn Langley

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A 33 year-old white cop, Michael Slager, was charged with murder for shooting and killing a black man, Walter Scott. After being pulled over for a broken tale light and confronted, Scott ran away from Slager. It was then that Slager shot and killed Scott.

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Google Update Means Big News for Mobile

Posted by Melissa S.
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Google updates its algorithm almost monthly. But with an upcoming update expecting “significant” effects, many are reading the small print and preparing their websites for the impact. Continue reading

Vice and HBO Strike Deal For Daily Newscast

posted by Brita Olmstead
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Last week youth media company and digital content creation studio Vice Media struck a deal with HBO to not only renew its ongoing weekly documentary series for another four years, but to also launch a daily newscast.

Even though the show won’t begin airing until late 2015, there has already been a lot of buzz over what this might mean for TV news. A Variety article suggested that the deal should “Should Scare the S*** Out of TV News” because of how it might challenge conventional reporting.

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Rolling Stone’s ‘mistrust’ in source reflects every journalist’s fears

Posted by Jenny Krane

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Yesterday, police investigating the alleged gang rape on University of Virginia’s campus suspended their investigation after finding no evidence to support the accuser’s claim. Jackie, the victim of the alleged rape, was aided in telling her story by an in-depth piece by Rolling Stone.
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Adobe partners with Fast Company to improve digital publishing

Posted by Taylor Eisenhauer
Image: Pontichello via Flickr and Creative Commons. No changes were made.

Image: Pontichello via Flickr and Creative Commons. No changes were made.

At the end of February, Fast Company launched a new mobile app, which serves as a prototype for Adobe’s new Digital Publishing Suite.

The updated suite will “completely re-imagine [the] mobile experience,” according to Adobe’s blog. Magazines digitally published using this technology will resemble print magazines less and websites more. Content will be updated in real-time, and readers will have the option to browse since the layout will no longer be in fixed dimension format for one screen. Continue reading

The Minimalist Phase

Posted By: Sarah Mattes

Photo courtesy of Gareth Saunders via Flickr

In a world where new technology is popping up over night, how can we keep all the “old” technology up to date and be just as inspiring as the next best thing?

Today’s college campuses are swarming with new design classes, new media formats, more advanced software; all these new elements concerned with the topic of design and how design affects the way we view the world around us. But if you take a minute and scan a couple websites throughout the internet, you will see some striking similarities between different sites.

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