Political reporter leaves CNN for Snapchat

by Brita Olmstead

National political reporter Peter Hamby is leaving CNN to join Snapchat as the popular photo-messaging app’s Head of News, Politico reported Monday. At CNN Hamby earned the reputation as one of its best political reporters, where he has his own weekly series Hambycast. On it he tells the stories “behind the campaigns.”

Hamby will work on Snapchat’s newer feature called Snapchat Discover, a feature for media organizations to share news stories and updates.

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“Daily Mirror” Continues to Face Phone-Hacking Allegations

Posted by Beth LeValley

Mirror Group Newspapers, Britain’s biggest newspaper group, has been under question for articles that could include information gathered from phone-hacking. While the last three years it has been denying these allegations, it has recently confirmed that phone-hacking was involved in former stories.

Piers Morgan was an editor at Daily Mirror from 1995-2004, when these phone-hacks would have been present.

Photo courtesy of gettyimages.com

Photo courtesy of gettyimages.com

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Ted Cruz: hypocrite or lawful American citizen?

Openly religious president candidate (R) Ted Cruz once spent 21 hours filibustering ObamaCare. So, when the Cruz family adopted ObamaCare recently, media controversy was inevitable.

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New Facebook feature works to prevent suicide

Posted by Jenny Krane

Photo by Bloomberg

Photo by Bloomberg

In February of 2015, Facebook announced a new feature: reporting self-threatening or suicidal posts as a way to attempt to prevent suicide. To create this feature, Facebook partnered with suicide-preventative organizations like Forefront and Save.org.

With an increase in cyber-bullying and self-injury in teenagers in the past 10 years, this feature is an important development in social media. Suicidal posts on social media are often a cry for help, and this feature provides a way to help a friend or acquaintance in need. Continue reading

Coverage of the Fight for Fair Wages

By Kelsea Graham

April 14 was Equal Pay Day: A day symbolic of how far into the new year the average American woman would have to work to earn what the average man did the year before. Today, a day later, workers are rallying across the United States to raise the minimum wage to $15. The fight for fair wages seems to be creating controversy on its trending hashtag on Twitter. The result? Thorough coverage by a myriad of both local and national publications. Continue reading

What will come of Facebook’s potential new partnership with news organizations?

Facebook may be forming a new type of partnership with news organizations soon. While nothing is official yet, many people are concerned about the effect that this partnership could have on news content.

This partnership would allow news organizations to post their stories directly onto Facebook, differing from the current system that forces readers to follow a link to access news content.

This new partnership could bring in a great deal of revenue for news organizations.

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Hillary Clinton announces run for presidency via social media

Posted by Taylor Eisenhauer

On Sunday afternoon, Hillary Clinton officially announced her plan to run for president in 2016 on social media.

After much speculation over her candidacy, Clinton released her first campaign video “Getting Started” on YouTube and linked to her website (where the video is on the home page) in a tweet. Within an hour, that tweet and a second one detailing an upcoming trip to Iowa had amassed over three million views, according to Twitter Data. Continue reading