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Hijacking Social Media Movements

by Kendall Wenaas

Photo by Carmen Escobar Carrio. No changes were made.

Photo by Carmen Escobar Carrio. No changes were made.

Feminists are ugly, fat, pantsuit-wearing, people with body hair that would embarrass Chewbacca. At least that’s what some Twitter users are saying with the hashtag #HowToSpotAFeminist.

A couple days ago, the feed was filled with insulting tweets written by uniformed people. But now, self-proclaimed feminists are trying to take control of the hashtag.  Continue reading

Hillary Clinton: the Playful Bitch, or Gender in Political Journalism

by Hilary Abrahamson

MSNBC host Chris Matthews recently made headlines when he referred to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as “playful,” “girlish,” and “youthful.”

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, photo courtesy of Mark Nozell / Flickr

Journalists (specifically male reporters) commenting on the “feminine” personality traits of female political candidates is nothing new–the only thing notable about Matthews’ comments is that they were a refreshing change of pace, since people are a little more used to reporting on Clinton being referred to as masculine, a shrew, or “the stereotypical bitch.”

Clinton isn’t the only female politician to face this kind of gender-specific scrutiny. During the 2008 elections, Sarah Palin was subject to much commentary on how attractive she was.

This Saturday Night Live skit in 2008 mocked the way that media were representing female political candidates during the election. Continue reading

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Wants Protection for Whistleblowers

by Hilary Abrahamson

Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agent who leaked NSA information to the British and US press, has been named one of the three finalist’s for the European Union’s top human rights prize.

The party backing Snowden’s nomination said the former American agent, who has been granted asylum in Russia, deserves the prize because he “risked his freedom to protect ours.” The information Snowden leaked revealed that the American government spies on citizens for no apparent reason.

ImagePhoto by Mike Herbst

On the tails of Snowden’s nomination for the prize, he spoke out via a message relayed during a European Parliament meeting held on Monday.

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Congress’s job now includes defining Journalism?

Posted by Susan Nourse

Members of Senate panels are refining the details of the Media Shield Act before the bill goes on the full Senate. The Act offers protection for Journalists, so they won’t have to reveal their confidential sources.  Those refining details include defining who is a journalist and who isn’t.

Members of Congress. From White House Photographer.

Members of Congress. From White House Photographer.

Who is considered a journalist 

  • Journalists who have been employed for one year within the past 20
  • Journalists employed for three months within the past 5 years
  • Freelance journalists with a “substantial track record”
  • Student journalists

Who isn’t considered a journalist 

  • Groups not considered news outlets by the Senate (i.e WikiLeaks)
  • Bloggers

Journalists have often faced prison time when choosing not to reveal their confidential sources, being named co-conspirators.This bill could be  great step in moving to protect journalists from the Justice Department violating the freedom of the press, but is defining what a journalist is a step in the wrong direction?

The bill doesn’t offer absolute protection. A journalist must reveal the sources if it is a matter of national security.

The bill won’t provide protection for regular American citizens, or any media outlet that is not considered news by the government. Congress could be giving more protection to news outlets that it deems are worthy. Doesn’t the freedom of the press apply to all American citizens?

Does the good this act provide out way the bad? Should protection be provided for everyone or reserved for those who write news stories at “credible” media outlets?

Links to articles

Washington Post; Huffington Post


Pathway to Citizenship Guarantees an Uphill Battle

Citizenship Uphill BattlePosted by Bianca Olvera Lopez

The 844-page Senate Immigration Bill includes new border security measures, changes to the current legal immigration system, and a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally.

In a recent article, Immigration reform: The 1986 amnesty vs. the 2013 path to citizenship: How they compare, Rojas states unauthorized immigrants who qualify for legal status under the Senate’s immigration reform proposal should expect a 13-year path to U.S. citizenship. Which is interesting because according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), immigrants who are in the U.S. legally, face a six to nine months path to citizenship under the current laws. But whether it’s 6 months or 13 years, the process to gain citizenship is difficult.

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The World of Digital Portfolios

Posted by Stephanie Kocer

We all know that it is important to walk into a job interview with examples of your work. In today’s ever-changing, technological world journalists usually have their entire portfolio on their own website. A recent Poynter article by Susanna Speier called “Digital Portfolios for Journalists: What are Your Options?”  explains that more and more journalists are using portfolio platforms to help them create this personal site.

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 3.51.21 PM Photo courtesy of theother66.

Here are a few tips the article highlighted about some of the portfolio sites out there that I found useful for building a personal portfolio site:
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News Buried Amongst the Boston Bombing Rubble: 2013 Pulitzer Prizes Announced

pulitzer_logoPosted by Selchia Cain 

On Monday while the winners of the Pulitzer Prizes where announced, journalist where capturing moments and reporting on what could transform into an award winning story next year.

The Boston bombing tragedy over shadowed much of the news. In the midst of America grieving over yet another public assault on innocent people we missed the announcement of the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winners and finalist. Continue reading