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What will come of Facebook’s potential new partnership with news organizations?

Facebook may be forming a new type of partnership with news organizations soon. While nothing is official yet, many people are concerned about the effect that this partnership could have on news content.

This partnership would allow news organizations to post their stories directly onto Facebook, differing from the current system that forces readers to follow a link to access news content.

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This new partnership could bring in a great deal of revenue for news organizations.

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What does the future hold for college journalism programs?

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The Southern Institute of Technology has just announced that it’s dropping its journalism program after 16 years, saying it is unlikely that the program will ever return to their campus.  SIT is one of many schools experiencing declining interest in the field of journalism.

According to a study done by the University of Georgia in 2014, enrollment at Columbia College Chicago and Indiana University-Bloomington has been falling in recent years as well.

Kaua‘i Community College in Hawaii announced today that it will be shutting down it’s student newspaper at the end of this semester, after more than 30 years of production.

With so many schools struggling we are faced with a difficult question. What is the future of college journalism programs?

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Brian Williams: Does he deserve a second chance?

Last week, NBC anchor Brian Williams confessed to altering details of a news story in which he originally claimed to have been shot at while in a helicopter in Iraq in 2003. He admitted the fabrication after veterans of Iraq challenged his story. Many of his other stories are now under investigation, including one in which he claimed to have seen a body float past his hotel while covering Hurricane Katrina.

Since the emergence of the scandal, Brian Williams has made a personal decision to temporarily step down from his position at NBC. In an online article that appeared in The Wall Street Journal Brian Williams is quoted, saying, “Upon my return, I will continue my career-long effort to be worthy of the trust of those who place their trust in us.” The entire article can be found here:

How can Brian Williams claim that he has made an effort to be trustworthy throughout the entirety of his career if he has fabricated details of multiple news stories? Should Brian Williams permanently step down from his position, be fired, or be granted a second chance? The public trusts journalists to provide them with a fair and accurate report of the news 100% of the time. Brian Williams has grossly violated this trust.

The Wall Street Journal concluded their article by stating, “If Mr. Williams’ admissions drives viewers and advertisers away, NBC, a unit of Comcast Corp., will be faced with the difficult task of either rehabilitating his image and credibility or finding a replacement.” Whether or not ratings drop for NBC, Mr. Williams violated the trust of millions of viewers. Is that something that can ever be repaired?

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