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Coverage of the Fight for Fair Wages

By Kelsea Graham

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April 14 was Equal Pay Day: A day symbolic of how far into the new year the average American woman would have to work to earn what the average man did the year before. Today, a day later, workers are rallying across the United States to raise the minimum wage to $15. The fight for fair wages seems to be creating controversy on its trending hashtag on Twitter. The result? Thorough coverage by a myriad of both local and national publications. Continue reading


Aftermath of Robin Thicke’s copyright infringement

Posted by Kelsea Graham

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The song Blurred Lines continues to cause controversy since its status as a “hit” in 2013. This time, Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. sued Marvin Gaye’s family as a preemptive strike for copyright infringement. Thicke, Williams, and T.I.’s hit seems a bit familiar to Gaye’s 1977 hit, Got to Give It Up. And of course Gaye’s family counter-sued.

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Is Policital Satire More Effective Than The News?

By Kelsea Graham

Yesterday, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart announced that, after 17 years, he is leaving the show. The exact date is unknown, but is expected to be between September and December. Comedy Central featured Stewart’s announcement on their Youtube Channel: Continue reading