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Baltimore News Coverage

Post by Angela Ufheil

Freddie Gray was 25 years old when he died from a spinal injury while in police custody. Activists took to the streets to protest what appeared to be yet another case of police brutality against an African-American man. Unfortunately, the point of those protests was obscured when several protesters became violent, and the “riots” became the focus of the story.


Activists march down historic US Route 1 to protest Freddie Gray’s death. Photo courtesy of Stephen Melkisethian.

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Trevor Noah’s Tweets: Are We Fair to Criticize?

Posted by Angela Ufheil

Many “Daily Show” fans grieved when Jon Stewart announced his retirement. Now, they are voicing another dramatic emotion – anger.  Comedy Central presented Trevor Noah as the new host in a recent press release. Noah is a South African comedian who has appeared on the “Daily Show” three times since 2014.


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Podcasts to Incorporate Breaking News

Posted by Angela Ufheil

After the “Serial” podcast took the world by storm, it is safe to say that podcasts are finding new popularity. Advertisers are even showing interest in getting into the podcast game (to discover why, check out this Advertising Age article). But along with annoying commercials, listeners may also be exposed to interruptions that are far more important – the news.

Photo by Colleen AF Venable via Creative Commons

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