About this site

This site is the lively and dynamic creation of the Media Editing class at Drake University. The site serves three roles:

  1. a repository of information for students in the class, including the syllabus, assignments, announcements, etc.
  2. a platform for discussion of class readings and timely topics that arise
  3. a playground for students to experiment with blogging and with writing for online publication

Media Editing is a sophomore-level class required of magazine and news-Internet majors. It explores the evolving role of editors, and strives to teach micro- and macro-editing skills. We refresh our grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage skills. We dive into the AP Stylebook. We learn how to nurture and coach writers. We analyze manuscripts. We walk a project through from assignment to copy-fitting.

Along the way we maintain this lively blog on editing, journalism, ethics and the evolving industry. Each student contributes three times to the blog throughout the semester.

Although the blog is the creation of the class, participation is not meant to be limited to the class. We welcome relevant and appropriate comments and responses from everybody.

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