Snapchat users can now share Discover content

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Post by Paityn Langley

Announced on Tuesday, a new Snapchat feature allows users to share stories from Discover news channel. Simply by pressing down on a story, users can add a comment or an emoji before sharing with friends.

Discover allows Millennials to easily absorb news through their favorite social media app. Unfortunately, Snapchat has not seen an increase in Discover users.

While Snapchat has about 100 million users, only a small 1 million users seem to be keeping up with Discover stories.

The issue seems almost too obvious.

Up until this point, there was no way for users to share Discover content; not even within the platform, itself.

In social media, the power of sharing is immense. Most social media sites rely on “likes,” “comments,” and “shares” to keep content flowing. Alternatively, Snapchat’s niche has always been to share specific content to a specific person for a specific period of time.

By introducing this new feature, Snapchat is attempting to collect those users who typically do not visit Discover. If a user recommends an article to a friend, there is a higher chance that the content will be read and, therefore, further distributed.

To all of you Snapchat users, do you think this will be a successful Snapchat feature? Being that their target market is made up of teenagers, what could Snapchat do to draw in Discover users? Or, will all attempts at making Discover a reliable news source fail?


3 responses to “Snapchat users can now share Discover content

  1. emily.vanschmus

    Personally, I don’t use Discover and I don’t think this will make me start. I really only use Snapchat to talk to friends, not to get news – since none of my friends use Discover, I don’t see the sharing feature affecting me at all. I think it’s a good idea because it might work for some people, but personally I still don’t see Snapchat as a news source.

  2. Many people fall into the same category, Emily. This idea of Snapchat being used as a news source seems like a drastic stretch for many of it’s users. Personally, I believe that every app or social media has a specific niche that makes them unique. Often times, as the app beings to grow in popularity they continue to search for new ways to expand their market. Though I believe it is possible for social media sites to grow, I think they must always remember where they were when they started. The moment you begin to branch out into uncharted territory, the more likely is is that the user will become skeptical.

  3. I wish I used Discover more often, but I honestly don’t. If I’m already scrolling through Twitter, it’s way easier to get headline news there rather than try and load Snapchat Discovers stories. I agree with Emily on this one, too—none of my friends use the Discover feature, so I doubt the sharing option will affect me at all.

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