Ted Cruz: hypocrite or lawful American citizen?

Openly religious president candidate (R) Ted Cruz once spent 21 hours filibustering ObamaCare. So, when the Cruz family adopted ObamaCare recently, media controversy was inevitable.

Cruz’ wife, Heidi, is temporarily stepping down from her job at Goldman Sachs to help with the campaigning. Her resignation left the Cruz family without insurance, so they turned to Healthcare.gov.

Many liberals are calling Cruz a major hypocrite, while most conservatives support him, saying, “Cruz is just following the law.” Cruz has even said it himself: “I believe we should follow the text of every law, even laws I disagree  with,” he said in an interview with CNN.

However, it’s not necessarily “the law” that the Cruz family goes on ObamaCare. They have other options.

Among these options is not being covered at all. Without coverage, the Cruz family would have to pay a fine: either $1,300 ($325 for each member of his family,) or 2% of their income, whichever is greater. The obvious downside? They don’t have coverage.

Cruz is ultimately dealing with a problem that many Americans deal with every year. It’s not merely an issue of “to be insured or to not be insured;” it’s much more than that.

A few questions linger with the public: Is Cruz’ insurance plan any of our business? Is the way the media is handling the situation ethical? Is Cruz choosing ObamaCare going to affect his campaigning?


3 responses to “Ted Cruz: hypocrite or lawful American citizen?

  1. As a politician, I think any move you make is worthy of being news. Is it breaking news? No. But newsworthy nonetheless. What makes this extremely newsy is the controversy. His public disapproval with a program that he has now joined is worth getting to the bottom of. It makes me wonder if it was recommended to him by his campaign team as a strategy to win over relatable votes.

  2. As far as the extra votes go, do you think the liberals will buy it? Or do you think they’ll label him a hypocrite?

  3. Maybe I haven’t been keeping up with the news, but I hadn’t even heard about this. I can see both sides of this argument, though. I think liberals will label Cruz as a hypocrite. Forgive me if I sound like an idiot for the following question, but why couldn’t Cruz just have bought insurance through another source? Certainly there are ways to get around signing up for Obamacare. As far as his campaign is concerned, I don’t think this was a good move for publicity. I don’t see liberals being any more likely to vote for him even if he supports, or at least has, Obamacare.

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