SNL pokes fun at ISIS

“50 Shades” leading lady Dakota Johnson hosted “Saturday Night Live” last week. She starred in a skit that has been almost as controversial as “50 Shades” itself.

Embed from Getty Images

Johnson’s skit, a spoof based on the Super Bowl’s Toyota commercial, portrays her leaving her teary-eyed father in the car as she leaves to join ISIS. Yes, you read that correctly. Instead of leaving to join the Army, Dakota Johnson gets out of the car to join the gun-wielding men of the terrorist group. After an emotional car ride, the father asks if she needs help with her bags. At 1:02, she says, “Dad, it’s just ISIS.”

Here is the skit.

I can’t tell you if the video was funny or not; you’ll have to decide for yourself. What I can tell you is the internet went ballistic after this.

Flurries of tweets and posts overflowed newsfeeds, even before the episode was over. Many people tweeted that ISIS is nothing to joke about, saying they turned off the television before the episode was even over. Most of the coverage of this situation portrays the negative opinions.

However, there were others who posted that ISIS should be mocked.

Actor Taran Killam tweeted ‘Proud of this.” 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded by saying he appreciates comedy that pushes the boundaries. He suggested that SNL come up with a skit that mocked transgender bathrooms (in response to this bill, proposed by Kentucky’s Senator Embry in January). He went on to say that even a joke mocking something as ridiculous as the proposed bill would never happen.

“You will never, ever see that. Why? Because it’s just too far. There actually is a line, it’s just a different line than most of us perceive,” he said. Read more about his thoughts from The Independent.

Everyone seems to agree that there IS a line, but no one can seem to decide exactly where it is. My question, then, is do you think it’s possible to have a line, or is it really just a judgement call? And if it is a judgement call, what would you have said about running this skit on SNL?


3 responses to “SNL pokes fun at ISIS

  1. Molly Lamoureux

    Stuff like this makes me sick. There are moms and dads and friends and siblings of the journalists who were brutally murdered by ISIS – and that’s just the beginning. I can’t imagine how they’re responding to this video. This post was probably the first on this blog to get me all worked up. I’m mad. “It’s just ISIS?” Okay, It was “just the Holocaust.” It’s “just human trafficking.” Come on, people.

    As for the transgendered bathrooms, I don’t see why it’s such a crazy idea. There are females, there are males, there are transgenders, and there are more types of people. We need to start treating everyone with respect and dignity no matter their gender or sexual orientation. People are people – can’t the government understand that?

    My thoughts are too confused to organize in a short post. If anyone wants to reply to my thoughts, I can probably form a more organized answer.

  2. The beauty of the First Amendment is that Americans have the freedom to toe, and sometimes cross, the line, be it via humor, an opinion, or an outrageous rant. The beauty about being a human is that we have brains, and are therefore able to analyze the possible results of our actions. That tweet from Taran Killam really annoyed me. If your only defense is that you aren’t legally prohibited from saying or doing something, then you should really think deeply about going through with it. I 100% agree with Molly; the victims’ family and friends suffered a terrible loss, and seeing someone willingly sending their daughter off to ISIS must have been painful. Hopefully SNL will be more tasteful and humane in the future.

  3. I think one thing that is missing from this explanation is that the week this SNL skit aired was the same week that three British girls were caught on airport cameras allegedly leaving their homes to go join ISIS. When I first watched this clip, I thought the writers were mocking the girls, joking that their fathers dropped them off and wished them a goodbye. Perhaps that is why I was not as offended by it as others.

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