Media has outed Bruce Jenner without credible information

Posted by Jenny Krane

Have you heard that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman? I’m sure you have. Everyone has. But the strange thing about this widespread knowledge is that nothing has been confirmed—Bruce hasn’t come out as a transgender and his family hasn’t confirmed his alleged sex change. So why do we all “know” this about legendary Olympian Bruce Jenner?

Much of the tabloid’s coverage of Bruce’s transition is based on appearance rather than fact. Tabloids have been predicting Bruce’s transition to a woman since he started going under the knife, getting facelifts and smoothing his prominent Adam’s apple, a masculine trait. Bruce has grown his hair out and gotten manicures.

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Transgendered individuals go through a journey their entire lives to figure out who they are and to become comfortable in their own skin. Actually making a transition from one gender to another is a huge step, physically and mentally. For some transgendered individuals, it can take a long time to come out to family and friends.

The press has taken that step for Bruce Jenner—and taken control away from him. While the media has become more conscious of LGBTQ issues and has tried to be more respectful and accepting of LGBTQ individuals, they have “outed” Bruce Jenner.

If Bruce Jenner is transgendered, all of this coverage of his transition has been widespread before he was ready for it to be. It has been reported that Bruce Jenner will discuss his supposed transition with Diane Sawyer of ABC News sometime this May. Hopefully this segment will set Bruce’s story straight and tell it the way he wants to tell it, the way he should have been able to tell it—in his own words.


5 responses to “Media has outed Bruce Jenner without credible information

  1. I agree, the media is handling this situation totally irresponsibly. They have no confirmation that Bruce is choosing to become a transgendered woman, and even if they did, they way they’re covering it is completely accusatory and offensive. Sexuality is one of the most sensitive topics for an individual to talk about, let alone be ridiculed for.

  2. I remember reading about InTouch superimposing a photo of Jenner onto a British actress. This was the cover of the issue. It’s just sad and irresponsible for these tabloid magazines to be stirring up unnecessary drama about such a sensitive subject. Yes, Jenner and his family have been in the spotlight for years, but sexuality is a personal issue. Frankly, I don’t care if Jenner is transgendered or not; After years of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jenner deserves to be left alone.

  3. I agree with this completely! It would be less inappropriate to say that there are rumors about him becoming a woman, but they have no right at all whatsoever to state something like that as fact. Unless they have real proof and legitimate sources, they should not be printing anything that has not been confirmed. Bruce’s sexuality is no one’s business but his own.

  4. I agree with the sentiments so far, too. The media has been completely irresponsible in handling this; however, I do think that there is a way to report on this respectfully. If/when Jenner does talk to Diane Sawyer, I think news outlets can report on that. Whether they’ll be respectful remains to be seen.

    When he had that crash, many were making comments about how he was “putting on makeup” or was now a bad driver (as women stereotypically are) instead of focusing on the actual news: the crash.

    One final thought: media also has a responsibility not to speak for certain groups. Being respectful of trans folks but speaking for them can also be problematic. We’ve got to find a fair balance.

  5. Does anyone know how tabloid magazines get away with stories like this without constantly being sued for libel? I definitely agree that the Bruce Jenner coverage has been horribly invasive and offensive; imagine what a transgender teenager must feel like while reading those ugly headlines. But nearly every tabloid headline is completely ridiculous and clearly untrue. How many times have we read that Angelina has left Brad and taken the kids? Or that some celebrity’s demons have finally caught up with them? Why do tabloid magazines get to ignore the truth seemingly without repercussion?

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