18 Things Professors Do That Annoy Students

  1. Disorganized curriculum
  2. Bad PowerPoints
  3. Complaining about how much grading they have to do
  4. Unspecific and unclear rubrics and grading expectations
  5. Not using a textbook we were required to purchase
  6. Testing on material not covered in class
  7. Not allowing enough time for constructive peer evaluations
  8. Sexism, racism, all the -isms
  9. Showing favoritism
  10. Assigning a reading we don’t discuss in class
  11. Unrealistic assignments and workload
  12. Not responding to emails, texts
  13. Keeping us late
  14. Close-mindedness, refusal to take feedback
  15. Fast-talkers
  16. Ignoring student questions, comments, raised hands
  17. Assigning things at the last-minute
  18. Long delays in returning graded work

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