16 Things Students Do That Annoy Other Students

  1. Acting like a know-it-all; not admitting to not knowing something
  2. Phones that ring or vibrate in class
  3. Interrupting
  4. Asking questions right at the end of class
  5. Being on distracting websites that other students can see
  6. Mumbling; answering rhetorical questions; asides; being a smart-ass
  7. Coming to class when you’re clearly sick
  8. Annoying, disgusting or distracting food sounds and smells
  9. Showing up late
  10. Correcting the professor too much
  11. Not trying on peer editing
  12. Humble bragging
  13. Pen tappers, pen clickers, foot tappers, and mouth breathers
  14. Side conversations
  15. Bragging about not doing an assignment; blatant apathy
  16. Speaking without a purpose or without clarity of thought

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