What MTV´s programs show

Posted by Sara Campillo

It seems like not too long ago when MTV was a channel where people could watch music videos and learn interesting things about their favorite artists. It’s hard to tell when this changed, but it obviously did. Somehow MTV has evolved into something that isn’t even related to music. Today, this channel is known to produce reality TV shows with questionable ethics.

“Teen Mom” may be a show with the highest shock value. This show is a continuation of another MTV favorite, “16 and pregnant”. Airing a show about young teenagers being pregnant was bad enough, but I have to say that by dragging on this concept through “Teen Mom”, made it seem as though MTV was encouraging this kind of behavior.

It isn’t that they simply showing the teenager´s lives and all their problems, it´s more about what other things the show highlights. Most of the girls don´t have good economic situations to raise a baby and they don´t even count on their families support, and that´s what MTV´s program is all about. MTV doesn´t help the girls. It doesn’t try to find a way to support them. The show pushes them through the cords and puts them under pressure to provoke reactions that the audience considers entertaining.

I don´t think this kind of program shouldn’t be aired at all. In fact, I think it´s good that they show other teenagers that having a baby is not easy and that not everybody is ready for it. However, that would be if they were trying to “teach” the viewers anything. Instead, shows like this look for morbidity.

Of course the teen moms have to sign a contract with the channel before they become their “stars”, but are they mature enough to know what it is going to mean for them and for their babies? Those moms and their kids are going to grow up and their videos fighting with friends and family are going to be online, probably for ever. What kind of impact is this kind of exposure going to have on these babies when they are older? Teen Mom is just an example out of all the similar programs they do such things.

There are so many topics to talk about and so many ways to help people that MTV could be working on instead of producing this kind of realty entertainment. However, if people watch it and make these teenagers stars, why would MTV stop producing these kind of shows?


4 responses to “What MTV´s programs show

  1. I think MTV has turned into a channel that thrives on this type of programming. It hasn’t been about the music for years. We can all agree that these shows are pathetic, predatory and frankly, inappropriate both for the teenagers portrayed and their poor future children. However, Teen Mom has a massive audience and following. As long as people are watching, gossiping, and allowing these teenagers to grace tabloid covers, the shows will stay on. The public dictates programming and apparently this is what MTV’s audience wants to watch. That says a lot about teenagers in America. Yuck.

    • I agree with you, and that´s what I think it´s the worst part of this, the fact that this kind of program has a massive audience and following.

  2. You say that you want the programming to exist, but only if MTV is looking to ‘teach’ its audience. While I think Teen Mom can go into a trashy area often, I think they are teaching the audience. MTV can’t outwardly say that the girls in Teen Mom clearly screwed up their lives and you should learn from this and not do the same. Teen Mom wouldn’t exist because all of the moms featured would feel awful about themselves. My last blog post was a video about how 16 & Pregnant was responsible for part of the recent decline in teen pregnancies. Teenagers relate to the teen moms. They have family problems and boy problems and are confused about love and sex. They are in similar financial situations as the teen moms and have boyfriends and issues with their parents. 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are cautionary tales for teenagers without MTV outwardly saying so. Simply telling teenagers not to do something won’t work. It never has. MTV could work on classing-up reality shows and maybe not showing every single fight, but I think these shows have worth. In fact, I know they do. Statistics prove it.

    • I don´t think it doesn´t “teach” at all. Of course some girls would watch the program and think, “I don´t want this to happen to me,” but that doesn´t change my opinion. I think those teenagers don´t really know what being an MTV star means. It´s very sad the fact that they will be know for having tough lives when they were 16.

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