Media Worth Praising

Posted by Hayleigh Syens

Recently, while scanning my Facebook news feed, I came across a video (below) discussing research that suggested that MTV’s 16 & Pregnant  had been responsible for approximately 1/3 of the decline in teenage pregnancies in recent years.

The video was posted by a page I had previously “liked” for the website Upworthy.

Upworthy is a unique site. They’re all about “things that matter”. They feature videos and articles about real issues and inspiring stories. Heck, they even have an entire section of their website dedicated to diversity. Not something you see every day.

I think this is a great thing and that Upworthy is making positive and significant contributions to the world.

Yes, that’s right. I just said something positive about the media.

We spend so much time tearing down and ripping the media apart for not being good enough, making mistakes and covering stories improperly. What about the parts of the media who are doing good things? Doing things right?

Even on this blog, since our focus is media issues, almost every post has been negative. I’m a journalist for a reason: because I see the positive contributions that the media makes to the world and I want add to those contributions.

As journalists, how are we making ourselves look if all we can do is point out the flaws in our chosen field? How are we supposed to get our readers to trust us if we can’t even trust our peers?

It’s time to start giving a little praise to journalists and media outlets that are doing a good job. Let’s break the cycle of negativity.


6 responses to “Media Worth Praising

  1. Awesome post! I agree completely, journalists and the media tend to get a really bad reputation. The work done by journalists not only very important, it’s very difficult and there is not enough positive feedback for the media. Upworthy is one of my favorite websites because I like the unique stories that they cover. It’s nice to get a break from all of the sadness in the world and pop over to something so positive. It’s a great example of how journalism can spread good in this world.

    • I love the work that Upworthy does. I only wish that more sites were like it so that way praise was more common. Upworthy reminds me of why I started doing this whole journalism thing. It’s good to know that I’m not alone!

  2. Hayleigh, you make a great point here! We do tend to be extremely negative about the media. However, I think that also says a lot about our desire to improve things and the overall perfectionist approach most journalists have. We want things to be not only good, but best. To me, that’s a good thing! That being said, you’re right that journalists and websites/newspapers/magazines doing a good job should be praised for their efforts an their positive impact. Journalists have too much of a tendency to tear each other down and forget to build up.

    • I never thought of the negativity as being an aspect of striving for perfection. You’re right that I’m the first to criticize my own work harshly because I want it to be as great as possible! That’s a good point for the other side of this argument.

  3. Hannah Bruneman

    Very good points here, Hayleigh! All this negativity towards journalism is the reason we have such trouble finding sources and such. People are engrained to think that we twist people’s words or are a bunch of sell outs. Upworthy is a great example of how the media can still be viral and talked about while keeping their integrity and giving the public positive messages.

  4. Much like everyone else said, I think this gave a great insight into the impact of media like this. Shows like 16 and Pregnant often get a bad reputation for the content that critics don’t realize they could potentially have a positive impact on ending the problem all together. Great find!

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