Do we pay too much attention to celebrities and too little to other things?

Posted by Sara Campillo

There is something I notice every time I open a magazine, watch the news or read a newspaper: celebrities. Those who are interesting for what they wear, what they eat and whom they are dating.

It´s widely known that people like to know about other´s lives and above all, they like to be informed about their idol´s life. People copy their favorite singers, actors or just famous people they like. Media, at the end, gives readers what they want to read. But are we paying too much attention to famous people´s lives and not enough to most important things?



The weekly News Interest Index, an ongoing project of the Pew Research Center for People & the Press, showed in 2007 that 40% of the public cited celebrity news as an issue that gets too much attention from the news media. On the other hand, people also answered the survey saying the media is paying too little attention to good things that are happening in the country, including the accomplishments of regular citizens. In the last few years the news about celebrities in the media has grown considerably, and the amount of people with this opinion may have grown, too.

What have celebrities done to be more important than the police officer who lives in our neighbor and helps people every day or the guy who opened his own company through hard work? There are stories out there much more interesting and important for people than the articles about what Paris Hilton has eaten. We can look at people around us and see an idol in them. I don’t think we need as many people being famous for nothing people using newspapers pages and leaving real news out of the journals. I don’t think our news should be filled with celebrities who are famous for nothing rather than real news. The problem is if it´s there because people want to read it.

Is this a media issue for publishing so many celebrities news, or is it the readers’ fault because the media just gives them what they want?

Do you think celebrities’ news should only be published in topical magazines instead of everywhere? Or would you keep it how it is?


2 responses to “Do we pay too much attention to celebrities and too little to other things?

  1. Brian Taylor Carlson

    It seems that entertainment news has irreversibly crossed into mainstream news. On the one hand, entertainment news offers diversions to the lives of people who are bored with hard national or global news. On the other hand, entertainment news serves its purpose to fans of stars, but it is easy to see how people can fall into the trap of considering entertainment news more important, and the main focus of their lives. To each his own. However, there should be more categorization on main news sites such as CNN. Today in particular, Justin Bieber’s deposition was headline news, when it clearly belongs…somewhere else.

  2. I have always been bothered by the amount of news coverage dedicated to celebrities when there seem to be so many more interesting and newsworthy things to write (and read!) about. As you mentioned, news categorization is probably the core issue here. I’ve been known to visit celebrity gossip sites on a fairly regular basis, but when that celebrity news pops up on a serious news coverage website, it upsets me. Particularly if it is featured more prominently than a horrible tragedy or an international issue. There really is a place for everything, and celebrity gossip belongs with other news of its kind, not with headlines on disappearing planes and issues in the Ukraine. Placing gossip and true news on the same plane leads the reader to think they are of equal importance. Not so.

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