Will Google Glass change journalism?

Posted by Sara Campillo

We´ve seen how photograophers use increasingly smaller cameras and how journalism has changed with technological advances, but who would’ve thought that the day would come when reporters actually physically wear a camera?

This is known as “glass journalism,” and it refers to the new technique of reporters using the camera on the front of their Google Glass to work.


Tim Pool, a reporter who calls himself a “mobile first-person journalist,” has already experimented with Glass in a journalistic sense. He used the wearable camera to cover a protest in Istanbul. Pool said in an interview for Journalism.co.uk that the voice-activation made a difference in how he covered the occasion.

The advantages of this new equipment for journalists, is ease of carrying and a different perspective, that of the shooter. Also, subjects are more relaxed because one of the biggest problems reporters have when interviewing is that people get nervous when a large camera is pointed at them.

So then, is this just great and will change journalism with no consequences? Not really.

The use of this camera in journalism raises ethical concerns if a person does not know he is being filmed, unless the photographer informs him.

When journalists use larger cameras, people knew they were being filmed. However, it is very difficult to tell if someone is recording every word you say when he is wearing what seems to be a pair of glasses. This also raises the ideal that every person wearing glasses can now record every word you say if the use of Glass becomes the norm for journalism.

Are people going to trust journalists wearing glasses even if they say they are not recording? Will this make their job easier or more difficult?


2 responses to “Will Google Glass change journalism?

  1. I don’t think people are going to trust journalists that wear Google Glass… at least not right away.
    I think improvements will be made to the device that helps clarify when the Google Glass is recording. However, I’m sure some genius will figure out a way to override the first wave of improvements, which will bring further modifications and upgrades.

    • I agree with you. I think, if this happens, it is going to be very hard to know when journalists are taking advantage and recording without your permission and when they are wearing Glass but not recording. I don´t think everybody is going to trust them.

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