Typhoon Haiyan: News Coverage

By Ruth Ronnau 

Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines last week and is reported to be the strongest recorded storm in history. So far, it has been reported by every news organization, with CNN’s camera crew even helping evacuate victims of the storm. But is what these news organizations doing enough?

News organizations like Fox News, CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post have displayed their coverage on the front of their websites, and have been tweeting to alert their readers of the natural disaster. The convenient placement of the coverage means readers don’t have to scroll or incessantly search to find the coverage. But even if it is displayed on the front, it is eclipsed by national news.

A screen shot of CNN's current webpage.

A screen shot of CNN’s current webpage.

Some websites like CNN and The New York Times have even provided information for the readers to help those victims of the hurricane.

Despite several news organizations reporting the estimated death toll at 10,000 people, news organizations have covered the storm diligently. CNN, The New York Times and others have quickly admitted their mistake with a statement from the President of the Philippines citing the death toll to be estimated between 2,000 and 2,500.

Despite their thorough coverage, their initial reporting of an estimated 10,000 deaths still lingers in the minds of many Americans that skim through the news. While the typhoon is being covered, it should be displayed even more prominently on their websites. Food and water are scarce since the typhoon and help is needed. By using even more photos and larger headlines, the situation could receive even more attention and help from readers.


One response to “Typhoon Haiyan: News Coverage

  1. I saw the change in reporting also. I believe some of the issue was that the government officials in the Philippines did not have an accurate estimated death count and journalist turned to them for information.

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