Who is winning the race? Technology or Journalism?

Since the invention of the internet, there has been a race between journalism and technology with no finish line in sight. As of right now there is no telling who will win this race, but those who have managed to get a head start, have mastered how to work hand in hand with the continuously changing world of technology.

This head start isn’t just limited to creating an app that earns a place in the “top charts” of the app store, or making a website that gets a million views, moments after it goes up. It is so much more than that. It is about learning how to continue the creating of new ideas THROUGH technology. 

An article published by CNN.com, on November 11, 2013, stated that one of the decade’s most revolutionary innovations, Google Glass, is projected to save firms up to $1 billion. The article focuses mainly on how “technicians, engineers and individuals working in healthcare, maintenance and manufacturing will find the smartglasses particularly handy, making it easier and quicker to complete daily tasks”. However, the influence and reach of such a technology in the world of journalism, isn’t as far off in the future as you may think.

California State University has decided to embark on a journey with the smartglasses in their School of Journalism, after the head of the department, Susan Weisinger, won the “Glass Explorer” contest. “If we don’t stay ahead of the curve we’d get left behind, and that’s not the program we created,” Wiesinger said in an article featured in the University’s online newspaper.

Google Glass is a revolutionary invention and is something that keeps us on our toes as we imagine what other amazing technologies the future has in store.

My question to you is how do you think technology is going to shape the world of journalism? Do you feel like journalism is focused more around technology or is it still the other way around? 



One response to “Who is winning the race? Technology or Journalism?

  1. I think technology is shaping the world of journalism. For example, you may have seen that Chris Snider bought a drone. He was talking about how drones could be used for the future of journalism. So he is kind of getting ideas from technology to shape journalism. At the same time, journalists need to make use of the current technology to make journalism better in a way.

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