Supreme Court back in session; What should you be following?

Posted by Susan Nourse

While other government branches are struggling and barely running, it seems the Supreme Court in unfazed by the recent government shutdown. In fact, the Supreme Court will be ruling on some of the most influential cases in recent history this term.

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The Supreme Court began its session Monday despite the government shutdown. This term may result in some significant changes with cases regarding abortion, affirmative action and campaign contributions.

The cases the court will be ruling on this term have gained national attention and interest fro The New York Times , CNN and even Buzzfeed with 11 Supreme Court Cases that Could Change the U.S. in the Coming Year.

Are the Supreme Court rulings gaining enough attention, or not enough? Are they being overshadowed by the recent shutdown?  I believe journalists should be closely watching and reporting on these rulings.

A few cases you should be watching:

  • McCultchen vs. Federal Election Committee This case will look at the limits of contributions businesses can make to political campaigns.
  • Schuette vs. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action – This case will look at state bans of affirmative action.
  • McCullen vs. Coakley – This case will look at the buffer zones around abortion clinics.
  • National Labor Relations Board vs. Noel Canning- This case will address presidential recess appointments.

What cases will you follow? What changes will the rulings of these cases bring? Why should we pay attention to the Supreme Court rulings?


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