Contently Collects Journalists’ Clips on Personal, Professional Profile

By Kristin Doherty

Between professional Twitter handles, up-to-date LinkedIn profiles, and squeaky clean Facebook pages, it’s important for job- and internship-seekers to have a positive online presence. For aspiring journalists especially, a professional website with a resume and writings samples is becoming more important.

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 6.25.07 PM

Now there’s an easy way to present all your professional information in one place: The site Contently holds a collection of a writer’s published work in an organized format online. You can also link to your social network pages, write a short bio, and add a photo of yourself.

Contently may be a dream come true for journalists. The site creates a clean, easy-to-read profile for all its users, which is particularly helpful for the web-designed challenge. With a custom and professional URL (, it’s appropriate to put a link on your resume or business cards. Finally, the site helps writers keep track of all their online clips.

contently add clipsAfter creating a free account, users select the websites they’ve written for, and Contently searches the site for any piece with the writer’s byline. Writers can also add clips individually. Then when all your clips are on your profile, you can upload photos, write descriptions, and move stories around the page.

Finally, your Contently profile produces a statistical rundown on your published writing: It includes your total number of clips, words, shares, and social media followers.

On the other side of the site, companies that aren’t “traditional” publishers can use Contently to find freelancers to produce content for their site. Journalists can on their profiles whether they want to be searchable for these companies.

One drawback of Contently is that it can only compile a collection of clips published on the web. Any writing you have that’s published in a traditional print magazine or newspaper won’t be added to your Contently profile.

What do you think—is Contently a good option for student journalists?


2 responses to “Contently Collects Journalists’ Clips on Personal, Professional Profile

  1. I like this option, mostly because I’ve pretty much exclusively written for the TD, and every article I’ve written gets put online too. It doesn’t get simpler than just dragging over clips from the TD site. I also like that you’re able to personalize it. Like you said, the URL is a great addition to a business card, simply because a potential employer can see your work in under five minutes. I’d be interested to see if anyone could find any real downsides to it.

    • Kristin Doherty

      For me personally, the only downside is that I can’t quite figure out how to include my clips published in print on there. Like you, I’m lucky that my DrakeMag clips are put online. However, for those with more experience in print where articles aren’t republished online, I think a personal website created in WordPress or another web design system might be beneficial.

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