Jobs for Journalists on the Rise

Post by Olivia Albers

A survey done by the University of Georgia gives new hope to journalists entering the job market. The journalism industry in particular was hit hard after the 2009 recession, but statistics show journalism graduates are steadily receiving full-time jobs six to eight months after graduation. In 2009, the rate was 56%, 62% in 2011, and a promising 66% in 2012.


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Along with the shift of college graduates finding jobs is the quite obvious shift from print to digital. The 2009 recession damaged the economy causing many newsrooms to either shut down or make severe staff cuts. But an increase in digital media, particularly for smart phones and tablets, has made journalism jobs more readily available.

As a student in the journalism school, this is exciting news to hear. When my grandfather heard I was going into journalism, he was worried I would not find a job after college. “Newspapers and print publications are already dying, so who is going to hire you?” he asked. The part of journalism he did not see or understand was the digital side. With many web-only publications and the ability to create small-startup businesses, journalists are finding positions in the world of freelance, the blogosphere, and especially the social media scene.

The question on my mind is how will the definition of a journalist continue to change as our population becomes even more digitally dependent? We have already seen most journalists become social media buffs, so what is next? Will journalists soon be required to document all of their stories with pictures and video? Share your own comments and thoughts on the direction of journalism and what “being a journalist” will mean in the future.

In case you are more of a numbers person, here are some graphs and statistics that might just surprise you.


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3 responses to “Jobs for Journalists on the Rise

  1. It is indeed good to hear that journalism jobs are on the rise. However we need to shape the move to digital media instead of letting it shape us. Pictures and videos add greatly to stories but we cannot let them get in the way of good reporting.

  2. As a graphic design and magazines major, I have no problem meshing the two fields together. I believe whether you fall more on the artistic or copy side of the industry, everyone can find their niche.

  3. Before I was at Drake, there were a few people asking me why I was going into magazines at Drake University when print media is on the decline. At the time, I didn’t know why other than it was a major where I could write. I think I wasn’t educated about it or something. Now, I realize that Drake teaches more than just print magazines; they teach the online stuff as well and I appreciate that. I know my education of online stuff and social media will help me in the long run.

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