Experience and GPA in Resumes

By Morgan Cannata

Whether GPA or professional experience matters more on a resume is widely debated.  Professors, professionals and parents all have different opinions, cautioning students of what not to do.


Journalism students always include clips with a resume, so professional experience is a must. With my pre-professional workshop class starting today, resume critiques have been on my mind.

Journalism students write the craft they will professionally create and are graded on it. Do entrepreneurs have to create their own business while still in college or architects create buildings?

The article, Does Your GPA Really Matter featured on the Career Builders website stresses “maintaining a high GPA is crucial to those who dream of attending top graduate schools like Harvard, Yale or Stanford.” 

It also states 70 percent of employers screen applicants with their GPA and a deal breaker is below a 3.0.

The New York Times article, Those Low Grades in College May Haunt Your Job Search reveals Johnny C. Taylor Jr., senior vice president of human resources for the IAC/Interactive Corp believes G.P.A. is everything.

Taylor said “he has found that a young applicant’s G.P.A. is the best single predictor of job performance in the first few years of employment” because it shows who can problem solve and has a strong work ethic.

In the same article, Trudy Steinfeld, executive director of the Wasserman Center for Career Development at New York University said while GPA is important and can reveal who is a better student, being a successful employee requires leadership and communication skills.

Steinfeld stated, “After a few years, nobody even cares about G.P.A.”

I’d say rather than stressing about getting straight A’s relax enough to allow yourself to get professional experience unless you plan on attending an ivy league after graduation.


4 responses to “Experience and GPA in Resumes

  1. Interesting article you got there. Students need to have a decent G.P.A. to get into Drake, but it can be unknown for finding careers. I would say it depends on what you are going into and many employers have different expectations for employees. Now I would be more interested if someone would do an article comparing college degrees or experience for careers. -Malinda

  2. I feel that Internships are really the way to go. A 4.0 GPA is not going to wow your employers as much as an impressive internship. However, as students we have been trained to be GPA obsessed. It is hard to switch from getting the GPA to getting the work experience.

  3. In all of my professional experience, I’ve gotten feedback concerning my clips or experience, but never my GPA. I found it interesting that your article said anything below a 3.0 was a deal-breaker for many employers. If they care so much about grades, why is it never an interview question? Why do they never ask about academic measurement if they care about grades nearly as much as experience?

  4. I agree with everyone that GPA does not seem like the key component employers are looking for. In the article, I did quote a career website stating below a 3.0 is a deal breaker, however this is not universal. A strong portfolio, eagerness to work and an enthusiastic attitude will go a long way. It is definitely hard not to obsess over grades because it is part of our culture, but I think it is a good mindset for college as long as you are dedicated to learning.

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