White House on Tumblr

Posted by Taylor Siedlik

New social media fads come and go, with some people jumping onto the bandwagon right away, and others taking their time to adjust. Tumblr has become increasingly more common amongst users of all ages, especially college students looking to procrastinate. Ranging from television fandoms to how-to blogs, the official White House is now able to be followed as well.

President Obama has officially been on Twitter, so why not move to Tumblr? One look at the The White House on Tumblr blog shows just how current the Obama administration is in keeping up with the technology savvy youth of today. The White House is no longer some long off arena only to be occupied by the most successful and influential people in the United States, but something that proves that the president, and anybody in the administration, are just like us.

Pictures on the blog show photo shopped images of President Obama wearing the iconic bangs First Lady Michelle Obama debuted this year, as well as behind the scenes pictures and info graphics of happenings in the White House itself. Crucial for journalists as well as any American citizen, social media is providing new insights of things that normally would be completely lost.

Social media is offering new ways to see how others live their lives, even at one of the highest levels in our country. How do you think the White House and President Obama getting a Tumblr will affect how our generation views politics? Will this set a precedent for presidents to come?


5 responses to “White House on Tumblr

  1. This is a really interesting transition as important political figures strive to connect with younger generations of voters. Political PR in the past has been about speeches, press conferences, and news articles. However, today, the publicity of politics is changing. To be perceived in a positive light, politicians need to connect with younger citizens with content not necessarily related to politics. While some may see The President favorably because of his policies, for many younger people, politics is not enough. Social media users like to see personality and behind the scenes humor of the White House.

    Thus, being a politician in today’s age heightens the role of personal engagement in political success. If citizens can develop ties with their politicians on a personal basis (through social media), they’ll feel more of a connection to them come election time. I definitely think this change will set a precedent for future presidents. Now that political PR has gone social, there’s no going back.

  2. I don’t really think the White House Tumblr is going to have a noticeable difference on how our generation view politics. I think people might be more interested in the Obama family, but I do not think this will transform itself into a changing view of American politics. I think this may set a precedent for the next president. President have to maintain a certain image and social media can help or hinder the public opinion of the nation’s leader. Similar to when television helped Kennedy beat Nixon, I can see social media playing a role for several years to come in politics.

  3. I agree with Monica that it probably won’t have a significant effect on how our generation views politics, but I do think it might be a good marketing tool for Obama. He’s obviously already been elected to a second term, but with a Tumblr young people will stay informed about what is going on at the White House and with the Obama family. I think he does a really good job and engaging with America’s youth and as a result he has a lot of young supporters. As for journalists, this White House Tumblr could be useful to get breaking news from the White House. Journalists could also use it to get a good story idea.

  4. Raquel Rivera

    I honestly think it does make a difference in the way young people think about politics, as well as, a great marketing tool for Obama. When I saw this I thought ‘how cool that the White House is hip’. Maybe not in those exact words, but you get the point. I follow Obama on twitter and I actually am following what’s going on in politics when before I would do anything to avoid the subject. But because the information is so easily accessible and on social media platforms that I use I am more likely to be interested.
    As for journalist, I’m not sure how great of a tool this would be to write a complete story on, but for the purposes of blogs, short pieces, and maybe some comic relief or a brief snippet of information for an article could prove to come in handy!

  5. In my opinion Tumblr is a much more laid-back social media or blogging site, especially in comparison to sites like WordPress. I think if Obama is trying to get across how he is just like us Tumblr is the perfect site to use. The Obama administration will be able to blog more relatable posts, such as the photoshopped pic, than it can on other sites. I think this could be an important outlet for politicians. It is important for the public to see the human side of politics.

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