Facebook Still the Social Media Giant

Posted by Stephanie Kocer 

Last week CNBC posted an article on their website by Jason Stein entitled “Why Facebook Is Still the Future of Social Media.” This headline grabbed my attention right away, because recently I have felt like Facebook use is in decline. After all, in our digital world things become obsolete pretty fast. According to the article, however, “Add up the active users on Twitter(200 million), LinkedIn (160 million), Facebook-owned Instagram (100 million), and Tumblr (70 million). The result is about half of Facebook’s billion-plus active users, which is up 25 percent from a year ago. Engagement across Facebook is also up 50 percent.” Another article posted on The Next Web explains that Facebook use dominates social media in 127 out of 137 countries that are tracked every June and December by Alexa analytics.

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 9.11.27 PM photo by babyben

So, how has Facebook been able to stay the social media giant?The CNBC article claims that it’s because of its size and the idea that it maps out user’s real lives. Smaller social media sites don’t let you share as much of yourself like Facebook does. Facebook also let’s you choose your privacy settings. Mobile is also a huge part of it. The article says “We spend 82 percent of our mobile media time in apps, and Facebook accounts for 23 percent of that in-app time. In short: apps are the mobile web, and Facebook is the most used app in the world.”

Lastly, since we are constantly checking our mobile app, Facebook is the perfect place for advertisers to strategically place their adds. With Facebook’s native ads advertisers can create entertaining content and pay to make sure that it’s seen by people who would be interested in it. The new and improved Newsfeed on the site that was recently announced will also be interest based.

What do you think? Is Facebook still a useful social media platform? Do you still use it regularly from your mobile device? How do you feel about the interest based adds and how do they affect your social media experience?


9 responses to “Facebook Still the Social Media Giant

  1. I definitely think Facebook is still useful. Speaking as a consumer I love the interest based ads. They help me find cool new sites to check out, which I always appreciate. However, I believe nothing is forever (remember the hours we spent on MySpace?). Someday something new will take over Facebook. I do agree that it will have to be something that encompasses a large chunk of the consumers life. I think that is why Facebook leaves Twitter in the dust — 140 characters just isn’t enough.

  2. This is an interesting post, because I too have been wondering how Facebook has been faring with social media competition. I think one of the reasons Facebook has remained so prominent in our lives is the fact that there is many aspects to it, like you said. Another reason could be that Facebook has been around for so long that many users are comfortable with navigation and don’t have to worry about figuring out an entirely new software. I don’t see Facebook ending up the same way as Myspace anytime soon, as Facebook is still an important tool in helping people (college students) waste time. I do agree with Rachel though that nothing is forever, and that Facebook will be dethroned one day.

  3. I agree that this is an interesting post that helps the define the age of media we’re living in. Like Rachel and Taylor said, technology is, by nature, somewhat impermanent, so there’s no doubt that there will always be new Facebook challengers on the horizon. However, I think the CNBC article touched on a really important portion of Facebook’s appeal: it’s global audience. The site has the brand recognition to make it a force all around the world. Facebook also appeals to a wider demographic, including older tech users, than some of the other social media sites you mentioned like Twitter and Tumblr. Because Facebook is so established within the international technology culture, I agree that it won’t be going away anytime soon, but may have to adapt to continue to compete as other social media sites continue to gain power.

  4. I think Facebook still has some time, but I also think some new innovative media will take over eventually. Technology is always evolving, so is our use of it, but for the time being it makes sense to me Facebook is still growing. The point of it being a mobile app is very important to it’s growth because it makes it easier to access. And people love easy to use things. It’s just appealing to humans and makes it’s audience that much bigger.

  5. Do you think there’s a social addiction aspect to Facebook? Maybe people are afraid to leave it because they’re afraid to miss out on things their friends are doing? That’s why they call Facebook an addiction.

    • I would definitely agree with that. I know I use other social media sites more than I use Facebook, but I go on Facebook everyday to see what people are doing. People love knowing about other people’s business. An “addiction” is probably a really good word to describe it.

  6. I totally agree with this. I check Facebook everyday and sometimes almost between every class. As creepy as it sounds, I like to know what my friends are up to or what is going on in general. Most of the time I find out news that interest me most first on Facebook. For example about Kevin Wade’s injury. As much as people like to deny that they aren’t on Facebook that much, it’s usually open in a tab on their computer while doing homework, so they can check it out when they are taking a break from studying.
    I think Facebook is a very powerful social media site and will be for a long time. Google+ is trying to be like Facebook but I haven’t seen much talk about it or any of my friends converting to it instead of Facebook.
    As for the newsfeed becoming more interest based I think that is cool! I rarely click on the advertisements but when I see them I usually go looking on google for the product they are advertising because it interests me and is something I would typically use.

  7. I use Facebook everyday but I use it mostly on my laptop. I think recently my use of Facebook has decreased and I use Twitter in place of the time I used to spend on Facebook. In my opinion Facebook is a useful social media platform; however, I think its purpose has shifted. After becoming very successful as a means of staying connected with friends, the corporation has placed more emphasis on generating capital from the site with the addition of advertisements on “gift” purchases for birthdays. I think the advertisements are frustrating and clutter the page and I think other Facebook users would agree. It surprises me that CNBC report claims Facebook is still the future of social media based on how my own perception of the social media facet has changed and I think Facebook will at least face more competition in the future if this is really the case.

  8. When you think about we have grown up with Facebook, half of our lives have been documented on it. So the fact that it continues to grow doesn’t surprise me. Although I would have to attribute a percentage of this success to the fact that its users are addicted to it. Now that it is available on mobil devices, it only encourages users to be social media fens.

    I’ve noticed the ads and I agree with everyone else. I enjoy them. Facebook becoming more interest based not only grows their audience but maintains their attention. Which is something Twitter doesn’t offer, although it does give you more personal interaction with celebrities.

    I’ve always seen Facebook as the new generation of the diary, and diary’s never die.

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