8 responses to “Women’s Bylines

  1. Rylee Maxwell

    I always found this strange considering most of the schools I considered during my college search had journalism schools that were made up of mainly females. However, when I job shadowed at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the majority of the people I encountered there were male.
    Where are all the male journalists hiding during college?
    This also reminded me of a similar Poynter article on the Tumblr blog “Said to Lady Journos” that highlights sexist comments received by female journalists on the job.

  2. As huge fan of athletics, I have always been really tuned into the background roles that female journalists often take. You do not find many female sports writers and after reading this post and article it appears there are fewer female journalists in the field altogether.

    I don’t think journalism is destined to be a mans world and although I have no statistics to support this I think more females are getting journalism degrees than ‘back in the day.’

    I’m in favor of more females in the field of journalism. But my main interest is having solid reporters with an innate ability to write and rely information to an audience representing the profession. It a female does that better than a male, she deserves the byline and space on the page. If she does not, she really shouldn’t be complaining.

  3. Rylee, I find it really strange that colleges are full of female journalists in training, but the workforce has more males in it too! Monica, I really like what you said about deserving the byline. I totally agree that women need to work just as hard to get the byline and sometimes their male counterparts could in fact be the better writer for that particular story. Whatever your gender is, it shouldn’t guarantee you space on a page.

  4. I agree with you all, how are we losing so many females in transition from graduation to the journalism work force? In Abbey’s article we know they aren’t becoming editors because there to is a huge gender shift towards male employment. I know in PR women dominate, so I’m really not sure how to over come this lack estrogen in the news room. Any ideas?

  5. Raquel Rivera

    Selchia, I was wondering that too. Where are all the females going? As we also talked about in the other blog post about losing females numbers in the J-world, females are not being paid as much nor I would argue being given the opportunity to be in the J-world. The Times Delphic along with Drake Magazine is mostly ran by women. Hopefully our generation will be able to fill the gap. Women by no means need to dominate the J-world but it would be nice to see at least even numbers between the two genders .

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  8. I agree that this is a relevant issue and one we’ll have to continue to watch as generational transitions happen throughout the field of journalism. I still don’t feel that we’re at a point where we can say that the old boys club of journalism is gone, because we see that sexism does still exist in the industry. However, I also feel feel that our generation has more opportunities than ever before and hopefully we’ll take advantage of them to create a more equal balance in the newsroom. I definitely agree with Monica that some niches of journalism like sports may be slower to transition than others, but I do believe that change can and will happen to make the industry more female-friendly.

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