Tweet Tweet #Grammys

As well all know the Grammys were held this past Sunday night, but did you know that 13.2 million tweets were sent during the East Coast airing of the show?

Twitter has become a social media monster. It consumes the thoughts of everyone and puts them out for the world to read. You almost didn’t have to watch the Grammys to know what was going on- all you had to do was check your twitter feed.

Tweets per minute (TPM) varied throughout the show but certain incidences causes it to peak. For example when Jay-Z accepted his award for Best Rap Collaboration with Frank Ocean, The Dream, and Kanye West, twitter fans had their fingers moving at the speed of light to have about 116,400 TPM.

And who can forget the ‘Beliebers’ blowing up twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram, with their pictures of them sobbing, when Bieber’s video feed was cut short at the Grammys because of technical complications.

Overall the #Grammys was the most trending topic on Sunday night and into Monday. Today it is number 7, which means it is still on everyones mind.

Topics of tweets varied from artists, performance, red carpet attire and victory/loses.

Too see exactly what stars were most trending visit:


2 responses to “Tweet Tweet #Grammys

  1. This post really exemplifies the role Twitter has taken on in the media. As you mentioned, people were informed via Twitter of “news” at the Grammy Awards. The same method for staying informed has been adopted by many people that use Twitter for news on a daily basis.

    I also really liked the tone of your post. I think the part about upset ‘Beliebers’ really fits with the pop culture news theme of your topic.

  2. I agree with Monica about the tone, it was a very upbeat and pop culture savvy post.

    People seem to simply use Twitter as an extension of their everyday lives not realizing the true effect it has had on society, and how people report and receive news. Using the platform of the Grammy’s to indicate this reality was great!

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