Will the “Vine” start to grow on Journalist?

Posted by Selchia Cain

What can you do with 6 seconds?

In the digital visual world, as journalist and audiences we constantly crave speedy communication and immediate real time access to news.

And much of the need to have stories instantly at our fingertips can be attributed to the creation of Twitter; that has quickly become a journalist most important new tool for reporting breaking news.

Twitter has changed the way the journalist share news and now it may change way we see it.

Twitter has officially released Vine a 6-second video-sharing app. Although Vine serves as a stand alone app, videos can also be embedded directly into tweets that will show up in follower’s streams.  Users even have the option of having Vine videos show up in a separate Vine web page.

And in many ways the app works as like a moving Instagram allowing other Viners to follow, comment and like videos separately throughout the app.

Wrapping Around Journalism?

Audiences thrive on visual news, and the short videos provided by “Vine” have the potential to better engage audiences with more realistic or graphic images beyond still shoots.

Especially when working with the short attention spans of audiences who need quick real time news, 6-seconds of captivating footage could be a great teaser to reel readers into stories.

But the new tool may present new ethical questions about how and when journalist should chose to embed citizen-generated videos in their reporting.

 So What about the Citizens? 

It is no doubt that Vine will now join the repertoire of social media tools that promote citizen journalism. With the immediate capability to post a 6-second video of a protest, highway accidents, police misconduct or fights almost anything goes. This could only push limits of what’s valued as newsworthy, as ordinary people begin posting these situations in real time as they occur.

This new app could even challenge the fact, do citizens make good journalist or do they simply muddle the news that professional journalist are trying to communicate to the audience?

Something New, or Something Borrowed?

Then it is no news that Vine is not completely a new video sharing innovation. Before Vine there were other fairly simple apps like, Cinemagram, Viddy, SocialCam and of course YouTube.

But what is expected to make Vine a social news sensation is the fact that it is easy to use, has direct ties to Twitter and works differently in that the app lets you shoot multiple short clips to make one single 6-second video.

All of these factors in a tiny app could grow it into being the tool of choice when posting stories and instantly sharing quick video sound bites from breaking news happening around the world.

Currently, Vine is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch, but it won’t be long before Twitter releases the Android version of the app, as well as allowing access for Windows Phones and maybe even tablets.

Only time will tell, if journalist will use Vine regularly to cover news stories and as an interactive tool to engage with their audience. But as for now it remains a new toy to fascinate the world’s social media junkies.

Will you let “Vine” grow on you?


3 responses to “Will the “Vine” start to grow on Journalist?

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  2. Vine seems like it could reasonably grow because it is developed out of Twitter. I think this will make it more accesible and relevant to major social media.

    Journalist wise, I think this is the ultimate test of telling a story. 6 seconds seem short, but consider all the facts we learn about the attention span of readers. It’s the perfect amount of time to try and condense something into. Although difficult in my opinion, but I’d like to see people try.

  3. I would have to agree with you, that telling a story in 6 seconds would be a challenge. And you bring up a great point about the short attention span of readers. But maybe a 6second visual teaser could hook the audience to read a feature or profile story. It will be interesting to watch how this new app evolves in the journalism world.

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