Christmas list for journalists

posted by Kerri Sorrell

It’s that beautiful time of year again: Soft snow is falling, days consistently dip below freezing temperatures, and nights are consumed by telling stories around the fireplace. Even if none of these things are actually happening (get it together, November – this is ridiculous) (I’m not bitter), we’re all waiting in anticipation for the year’s most magical morning in the not-so-distant future.

College students and journalists are alike in a very special way during the holiday season: we’re broke. This makes Christmas a gloriously opportunistic occasion, and these opportunities are not to be wasted. I’ve compiled a list of must-haves for journalists this Christmas – a great reference for list-makers and list-takers alike. Let’s just hope you’ve been nice.

NPR Station Locator Map // $10

Wi-fi won’t always cut it. When you’re stranded in a car without 3G and the aching feeling of missing Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! is almost unbearable, this trusty map becomes the most necessary car accessory. Never be without Carl Kasell’s calm, sultry voice ever again.

Newseum Press Pass Annual Membership  //  Individual: $75

The Newseum is this wonderful place in Washington, D.C. where everything good and perfect about the world is housed in an amazingly beautiful building, and you can actually go there and temporarily live in this mini heaven of journalism and news and history and be the happiest person in the world. Imagine being able to go whenever you want. Could there be anything better?

Cards Against Humanity  //  $25

Ever feel that Apples to Apples is a little too…tame? Enter Cards Against Humanity. Their website touts the game’s premise: “Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.” And, let’s be honest: Who’s more despicable or awkward than a journalist?

HTML5: The Missing Manual  //  $22.33 (from Amazon)

If you’re looking to get really ahead of the game, HTML5 is the latest web language used to build some of the coolest websites around (I can’t help but geek out over Suit Up or Die Magazine’s site).  The Missing Manual series is one of the best tutorial brands around. If you’ve got some free time over break, study up.

The Photojojo Phone Lens Series  //  $49 (whole set)

For a moderate investment, you can turn your iPhone into a fully functioning DSLR, minus the bulky baggage and heavy equipment. This is perfect for  journalists on the go who wants to spice up their photo assignments.

Little Printer  //  $259

Little Printer is for the print lover in all of us. The mini device hooks up wirelessly to your RSS feed, social media streams and favorite blogs/news sites, and then prints a mini newspaper for you whenever you want. It can even print birthday lists and puzzles. Little body, big price tag, super awesome. Pre-order yours now: it’s the hottest new item in town.

See anything you can’t live without? Know of any other hot products? List them below – mom needs ideas.


6 responses to “Christmas list for journalists

  1. I honestly do not know how I have been able to live without the Little Printer. It would save so many of my life problems. Great success to a variety of different gadgets!

  2. Haha, I love your tone here, Kerri.

    And here’s something that’s on my actual Christmas list that you all may like: the Echo Smartpen. I think it’s the coolest effing thing any journalist would ever want. I’m pretty old-fashioned when it comes to interviews. I for some reason dislike recorders and hand write everything. I don’t know–I’m weird. But I’m all for this pen–it kills two birds with one stone. The recorder is built into the pen! So if it’s one of those awkward standing interviews on the go, you can hold a notepad and record all at the same time.

  3. This is a pretty amazing list Kerri. The Little Printer is so adorable. I have several inappropriate journalist friends who would love Cards Against Humanity.

    I thought of something that might go with your iPhone lens kit. This is a portable tripod for your phone. If your going to take the time to get lens for phone, you probably need a tripod too. Now, you need a slightly smaller camera bag for all this stuff. Hee hee.

    By the way, you are spot on about the November and now December weather. I want some colder weather, so I can enjoy my Christmas songs.

  4. Your tone and writing style is so great here. It’s awesome to hear such a strong voice in this piece. I don’t usually read the lists of perfect gifs, but if everyone was written in this style, I totally would.

    The items on this list are really interesting too! I would love the Little Printer and the HTML5 book. Have you heard or seen the Instagram photo printer? Here’s the info: Sounds pretty awesome.

    • Whoa, that instaprint printer looks crazy sweet. It could be really cool to use it at events or parties – you can print off specific hashtags instantly. I might have to invest in this. Thanks Cecily!

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