What do you think journalism is?

Photo accredited to: Mike Wesler

Posted by Nicole Kasperbauer
Journalism can be a variety of things to different people. Some may believe journalism is what it use to be in the past, others have upgraded and realized journalism is moving on to bigger and better things.

For me, the colorless newspapers that cost ten cents never caught my attention enough to sit down and truly enjoy what I was spending my time on, but that is not the case for all. While growing up, social media was blared into every motion of my life. Myspace, AIM, MSN Messenger, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. It was and is now everywhere.

That is the direction journalism is going. Web, media, and mobile. There are great opportunities within these always changing aspects of journalism. The job market may be rearing a tough time, but there are always opportunities if you search for them.

Photo accredited to Poine

It doesn’t always have to be the same old boring, day-to-day job anymore. It doesn’t have to be report, write, edit and publish.

To get news out, we must still report with reliability, credibility, fairness and accuracy, among others. We must still focus on what the readers want to know and fulfill every notion they may desire. But now we have the capability of doing so in different manners.

For example, besides publishing in newspapers and magazines, we have fallen for the ever loving Twitter feeds and Pinterest posts. (They literally consume my life on rainy days.)

Journalism is not only what you can read anymore, but about the images that catch your eye. Videos, pictures, graphics, etc. They’re all there because in reality no one takes the time to sit down and read a whole article or publication anymore unless they are engaged enough in it. You want to see what the reading is about and summarize from there. They are finally taking that realization to account, in the journalism world.

Social Media at its finest:
-Helps promote events
-Includes visualization
-Drives traffic to websites, blogs, articles, etc.
-Promotes sales
-Connects people together
-Collaborates on many different levels


10 responses to “What do you think journalism is?

  1. The way that journalism is transforming makes me love my major. It’s really exciting to hear the new opportunities in journalism and how many different outlets now exist. I think it’s awesome that traditional news outlets like print magazines and newspapers are still in circulation but that brands are also trying new mediums like tablets or apps. As scary of a time as it is to be a journalist wondering whether or not you’ll have a job, it’s also a really exciting time. We’re constantly on the verge of a new innovation or a career-changing development. How cool is that? I don’t know if I necessarily have a way to describe what journalism is anymore, but I do have a pre-requisite for a journalist: someone who is adaptable to new technologies.

    • Our career’s are changing every day and that IS cool. Honestly, there are risks in every major you attempt to tackle and that is why there is no guarantee where your life may go. Someone who is adaptable to new technologies is extremely beneficial in almost every major now-a-days.

  2. This is an interesting question you pose. Journalism is always in a state of flux. That’s the nature of the business.

    What I wonder about it the depth of the reporting? With everyone rushing to get the first Tweet, who does the digging to find out why things are happening? The public receives coverage about a plethora of topics quickly, but do they really understand what is going on?

    • You also pose in-depth and thoughtful questions. Twitter, along with all the other social media websites out there pose many possible ways of turning into tragedy episodes. You see it everywhere and can be huge if not looked at properly.

  3. The variety of SJMC classes offered shows the necessity of adaptability. While scheduling next semester’s courses, the scope of options surprised me. Drake offers a class devoted to social media. There’s another devoted to TV photography. Another class concentrates on the development of mobile apps. As journalism’s definition continues to evolve, I can’t wait to see what other classes will appear on that list.

    • I love your enthusiasm Taylor. Your spirit and admiration for journalism is quite obvious and that is why journalism is so important. It fits a perfect spot for people like you and me. The classes that are offered will only further us for the better and create remarkable journalists in the end.

  4. I agree that you need to be able to adapt to the changing technologies and styles, but stay true to the foundations of journalism. If you don’t use these foundations, your social media/digital media journalism won’t be credible. Even if someone is Tweeting about a news story, it needs to be fair, accurate, and sensitive. We can’t stray away from what earlier generations of journalists have taught us. We can always learn from them.

    • I wish more people would understand what you have said Cecily. Just like everything else, journalism has a foundation completely unique to its own. It has its own style, learning method, among others. For our generation and future generations to keep that same originality, we must keep learning but always remember the concrete foundation built before us.

  5. I like the photo and the George Orwell quote printed on it – it made me laugh. I’m glad that so many of the journalism majors commenting on your post and you talked about remembering the foundations of good journalism no matter what medium is used to transmit the information.

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