College 101: Being stressed and accepting it

By: Nicole Kasperbauer
If you’re an average college student, you’ve experienced quite a few freak-out moments studying for tests, getting an assignment done on time or even not getting enough sleep. I can’t count how many times I’ve come back from the library at one o’clock in the morning, bawling my eyes out to my roommates, but it happens to the best of us.

Even though you are not in high school anymore, and you have to work a little bit harder, make the extra effort and get up and go to class. In the end, it will all be worth it.

It is not the time to FREAKOUT about all the hassles you have on a daily basis now, but it is time to starting figuring out where your future is heading.

If you are not thinking about where you want to go, then what are you working for? I think that is the main objective that stresses over half of college students. The thing is, you have to work with something you are comfortable with and enjoy, otherwise in the end you are working toward absolutely nothing that will help you achieve your realistic goals.

So, whereever and whatever you are passionate about–do something about it. Do not for one second think that stressing over something will help in any way. Take it from Courtney Johnson’s point of view. She sees what stress does to us all and it’s nothing I would wish upon anyone.

Take a deep breath, focus on what needs to get done and do it. See, stress doesn’t have to be involved.

(Oh, and remember to have a little bit of fun while you are at it ,too.)


6 responses to “College 101: Being stressed and accepting it

  1. Take this from me, it takes time to get used to this idea, and I’ve done it twice. In fact, I had a minor freakout yesterday. At times, you just have to let out the stress. Just let it go, or it could consume you.

    My wife helps me center after these moments because she reminds me of what I’m working towards. As you said in the blog, people need to remember where they want to go.

    It’s much better to go through the forest if you’re looking for the clearing and not looking at the trees.

  2. Your end quote is very inspiring. It is how life truly is and what you can or can not take out of it. Stress is one thing that can hold people away from there dreams if they don’t control what they are stressing about. You insight is so very true.

  3. The link from Marshall University’s The Parthenon rang true for me. Often, I find myself comparing stress levels with my friends, my roommate, and my sisters. While voicing stress promotes the management of it, trying to outdo others’ stress does little to alleviate my stress. In turn, I will strive to avoid “outstressing” others and instead focus on managing and alleviating my own stress.

    • Bingo Taylor, I 100% agree and I feel as if that is completely natural living with so many people who are going through the same type of situation. At least we aren’t the only people struggling and are able to relate to others and vent when it is quite frankly needed.

  4. I definitely needed to read this tonight. With studying, work, other homework, and everything else, I have definitely felt stressed.

    The links that you provided are interesting. It’s no surprise that college students develop stress related disorders easily. It is SO important to take care of ourselves. Plenty of sleep, exercise, healthy food, and it’s always ok to call your parents and vent. I have found that they are a great way to relieve stress. Talking to my family makes me realize what this is all about and that how proud they are.

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