Let’s Get Digital: 5 Minutes for Social Media Promotion

Posted by Kenzie Kramer

According to WordPress.com, there’s currently 55, 868, 070 WordPress blogs. By the time you read this that number is already inaccurate and there’s likely a couple hundred or thousand blogs in existence. With all of these blogs, how do you make yours stand out from the rest? Well friends, the answer is social media. Sure, it’s a little extra time, but it can increase your page views exponentially and make writing your blog actually worthwhile. Next time you click that publish button, take an extra five minutes to promote your post and watch the page views roll in.

Five Easy Ways to Promote Posts

1. Pin it! If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, get one. Seriously. (If not for the social media promotion do it for the delicious recipes and the crafts.) Blog posts with strong images or intriguing content are easily spread through users repinning things they like. Pinterest is a must-have tool if your blog is high visual but even if it’s not, give it a try by writing an interesting title that will draw readers into your blog.

2. Tweet It. I know, it seems obvious to tweet about a blog post by now but yet there’s many bloggers who don’t. When tweeting about a blog posts, don’t give it all away up front. Unless you happen to be Thought Catalog and write the most intriguing posts on the web, don’t flat out say exactly what your post is about. For example, don’t tweet “New post about watches!” with a link. Instead, go for a little bit of a draw-in (and Flavor Flav reference) and say something like “Do you know what time it is?” with a link. No, it’s no the wittiest or the best but it’s more interesting than putting it all out there.

3. Facebook post. Update  your status with a link to your blog. Your friends will like it, your mom will like it, and it will show up in peoples news feeds as a result.

4. Tumbl it. I’m not completely sure if that’s the correct verbiage but either way, post it on Tumblr. Tumblr is very image driven like Pinterest and can help good pictures along with posts go viral. When posting on Tumblr, tag like it’s your job. Like on WordPress, creating as many related tags as possible will help others find your content and ideally share it.

5. Make friends. Bloggers are a community and you’re a part of it. Follow other blogs, comment on their posts that you like, participate in their social media and they’ll respond to yours. Like everything else in life, blogging success is propelled by connections so get out there and start reading and commenting on other blogs. Originally, this make take more than five minutes to seek out other bloggers. Once you do though, it’s very quick to read their posts and tell them about yours.


2 responses to “Let’s Get Digital: 5 Minutes for Social Media Promotion

  1. I thought this is a very practical entry. Social media tends to feed itself, and a few simple clicks can reach a variety of audiences quickly. Most of your suggestions don’t take a lot of time, so that makes them even more useful.

    You could also use Google Plus and Linked In if you are members of those communities.

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