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Posted by: Sarah Sager

There is always a moment while visiting with friends and family when someone asks where you will work this summer or after graduation. The classic response from a journalism student usually involves a publication or a large companies marketing firm. However, there is another option that many students overlook. There is a growing need for communications, social media and marketing interns in the startup community.

Some of these openings can be found through Silicon Prairie News. But most are found by networking like a majority of journalism jobs. One of the main networking events in the startup community is the Startup Job Crawl, which is held in Des Moines, Kansas City and Omaha. In Des Moines the event starts at StartupCity, which is the home of companies such as Tikly. Other businesses involved with Des Moines’ most recent job crawl were Lava Row, AppCore and Dwolla.

Photo by Mark Jensen from Flickr, licensed by Creative Commons.

These internships are not always paid, but they make up for it by giving you a lot of responsibility. In some cases you can be trusted to take over a company’s social media accounts — all of them.

So the next time your extended family members ask for your life plans reconsider your answer and your options. Would you ever consider working for a startup in Des Moines or another city?

7 responses to “Journalism Jobs

  1. I would definitely consider working for a start-up company just for the experience alone. I mean, it’s great getting paid, but the experience you would gain is so much more valuable than money.

  2. Ohhh the dreaded “job” conversation. I think it’s always important to think about what skills we’re learning as journalism students, and not just focus on the obvious career paths. I think we are learning a lot about communication, writing, marketing; all which are skills that could lend themselves to a whole host of professions. We just need to be confident in our own abilities…and hopefully employers will see that as well.

  3. Sam I completely agree that the experience is more important than the money.

    Kelsey I always dread the job conversation, which is why I like to look at different options just in case.

  4. I think that working in a startup would be amazing, even with the negative aspects. I think it would be so cool to build something from the ground-up and really be a part of making a company work.

  5. Honestly, I don’t think I’m ready for the amount of control that I might be given. But I do think that if one of these start ups make it big, and you are have been controlling their social media accounts, you may have a job. It’s a great way to get your name out there, and even if you don’t take/get the position, networking is never pointless.

  6. I think working at a start-up company would be worth it for the experience alone! Especially if your given a lot of responsibility because you’ll learn so much! I’ve worked at a number of publications, and the ones I’ve learned the most from were the ones I was given a lot of opportunities to try my hand at different things.

  7. Now especially with how the journalism industry is, start-ups are kind of a mid-life crisis choice for a lot of journalists. I’m not saying its bad, I think its great. My uncle is a copy writer out in san francisco and he used to work for yahoo and now he’s working a lot with smaller companies and starting his own at the same time. Working at these small companies has given him more freedom to do bigger projects and take more on. Start-ups, like many of you have said, are a great way to get your name out there and gain a lot of experience.

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