DSM Band Bombshell: Local Music Journalism

The Des Moines music scene is ever growing.  More and better bands are getting a stronger following than in years past.  Erika Owen, a Drake University journalism student, recently created a blog dedicated solely to that explosive scene.  DSM Band Bombshell is your new one-stop shop for all things local music related.


The blog gives reviews of local bands; their shows and their albums.  It’s also got interviews with people in the local scene and news about upcoming shows.  This is a resource that seems entirely new for Des Moines:  a site dedicated only to local music.

Local music is covered in the Des Moines Register, Cityview, and Juice but none of those resources is strictly for music.  Owen has plans to make it into a local musician networking site as well.

“It’s also going to be focused on freelance musicians; musicians that are in a ton of different bands.”  Owen said.  “So if a band has a show and they realize they don’t have a bassist, they can look on my blog and then look up all the contact info and find someone to play for their show.”

This could create a whole new kind of music networking site.  Networking sites like last.fm and Indaba Music exist but there are no popular sites that can connect local musicians.  It sounds like it will be a Yellow Pages for local musicians.

I would love to see a site like this in every city.  Musicians feed off of support and collaboration and every local music scene could gain from such a helpful networking resource.

What other web resources would make a local music site great?


2 responses to “DSM Band Bombshell: Local Music Journalism

  1. I love this…. I don’t really have anything intelligent to say about journalism, but she should check out Clayton Severson from Ames if she hasn’t already.

  2. This is a really cool idea! I think that this could be taken a step further and also be a place for local musicians to post samples of their music. This would allow people who want to hire a band for an event, to look around in the specific genre, and listen to few tracks and then possibly book a band. I’m sure the local bands would love the publicity a site like this could bring for them.

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