Easy Access to Entertainment on the Rise

Posted by Rebecca Boneschans

Gone are the days of heading to the local theater. No longer do we stand in aisles upon aisles of movies searching for that hot new action flick. Netflix, Redbox, iTunes, and now YouTube and Google Play, have made it possible for people to enjoy movies at home with the easy swipe of  a card or the click of a button.

iTunes Rentals

iTunes is one of the many companies offering at-home movie rentals. (Screen shot by Rebecca Boneschans)

iTunes allows users not only to buy movies for their home arsenal, but to rent them. Redbox and Netflix offer the advantage of nightly and monthly charges without the overdue rental fees. Now, adding to to the mix, YouTube and Google play, in conjunction with Paramount, will be streaming movie rentals to your computer screen. 

The convenience of having easy access to entertainment not only creates competition among companies, but it takes away from paid television viewing. In Alissa Skelton’s recent article, Millions of Americans cut the TV Cord, a study provides proof that the latest consumer craze with streaming video takes away from paid television.

What does this mean for local television? There has been a slight increase in viewership of local TV news stations.  This modest increase hold that Americans are still keeping up-to-date on local news, but for entertainment purposes, they are setting their sights elsewhere.

This brings to mind a few questions. What will be the next step for each company? They’ve accelerated the process of accessing entertainment, will they soon try to dip their fingers in the journalism and news world?


One response to “Easy Access to Entertainment on the Rise

  1. Well, as a member of the Hulu fan club, I can say that ever since I could watch these shows and movies online at my convenience, I haven’t had a need for a television or the movie theatre. Going back in time, going to the movies was an outing that many people did weekly. I wonder if family dynamics have anything to do with it or if the new age of technology is the sole reason.

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