Grammar: Is it necessary anymore?

by: Joanie Barry

Hey watsup? Im rightin this post to chat yal up about grammar. Why should we

care? I bet yal knew exactly wat i was tryin to say. Who needs to b formal w/ the rules.

Obviously, there was something wrong with the last sentence, besides the fact that it was obnoxious. It is rife with spelling errors. It lacks correct punctuation. All around it is just unattractive to look at and to read. But the most important thing to ask is could you understand it. Most likely, you could, even if it was unpleasant.

Grammar use is a controversial topic because many people feel it isn’t necessary anymore. We communicate through email, text message, and social media sites. The communication is so instant that any misunderstanding in a conversation can be clarified in a simple response. With this as our main form of communication is grammar really important. If the point is understandable, than why do we bother with sentence structure and pronoun agreement? Well in my opinion it depends on what message you are trying to send.

Is perfect grammar needed in a tweet? Probably not, because of the limited characters make it necessary to abbreviate. However, is grammar necessary in an academic essay that may be published in a scholarly journal? Probably. Grammar, though it may be frustrating to some, is crucial in our understanding of the written word. Journalist Jeff Minick says in his article Forgotten but not gone- Emphasized grammar that, “Spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and badly composed sentences result in missed meetings, mangled orders, mistaken shipments, and bad service.”

Even with this in mind people argue that grammar isn’t necessary any more because of the way we use our technology. So are we wasting time learning grammar or is it crucial to our language?


6 responses to “Grammar: Is it necessary anymore?

  1. I think grammar is important. I’m definitely not the best at it, but not everyone has to be ‘grammarians.’ There is always talk about ‘branding yourself’ and if you constantly use bad grammar, that can long way as far as how people perceive you.

  2. Proper grammar is crucial to our culture. Life would not be the same if teachers stopped teaching the English language the way we know it… They would start teaching students the shortest ways to write a sentence (letters AND numbers in the same word like “b4” and “l8er”) and authors would have to write their novels in abbreviations and nonsense, instead of long, complete, beautifully written sentences. Life without the English language as we know it would be too crazy and too complicated to live in. Not to mention, extremely difficult to learn an entirely new language.

    • How weird would it be to go to an English class that was taught that way?! I agree that proper grammar is crucial to our culture today. I do wonder, however, how necessary society will perceive grammar to be in the future. With kids becoming more and more technologically savvy at younger ages, will that lead to bad grammar becoming the norm? I hope not, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. This may sound cynical, but I believe good grammar is important, if for no other reason, than to make you look smart. It absolutely enhances your credibility as a writer to use appropriate grammar. If I pick up two resume cover letters, and one is written in third grade dialect, which person am I going to hire?

  4. I say, you have to know the rules to break the rules. I am all for breaking grammar rules in the name of style (sorry, it’s the English major in me..). However, if people are making mistakes just because they don’t know what they’re doing… that will just make them seem stupid.

  5. Actually, I always try to text in perfect grammar and punctuation and I am constantly getting crap for it from my friends. I think that grammar is such a fundamental aspect of language skills, and even though the way we communicate as a society has changed, I think there still needs to be a strong emphasis on the way we communicate and making sure we do it properly. Great blog!!

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