The ONE Campaign’s social media ‘prank’

Posted by Megan Berberich

I receive emails from the ONE Campaign quite often, but on Sunday when I saw the headline, ‘Kittens will be banned from Youtube” I was intrigued. Funny cat videos will be banned by 2015. This had to be a joke right?

A shocking strategy

In fact it was. Once I clicked on the link, the ONE page popped up with this video.

A slew of celebrities were making ‘predictions’ like fax machines coming back, Charlie Sheen becoming President or the Cubbies winning a World Series. These things may never happen, but the ONE campaign does say, that

“We got your attention. Now we want you to act to support the one prediction that can actually come true: the beginning of the end of AIDS.”

Jeff Davidhoff

Strategy success

The petition that asks Congress to reverse cuts on the life-saving AIDS program PEPFAR. As of Sunday, there has already been 28,500 signatures, over half of its goal of 50,000 people.

The ONE media team utilized it’s unique attention catching method to gain knowledge of a serious issue.

Do you think this social media ‘prank’ was a good marketing strategy? How would you put out your message differently? What other ways could they get their message across besides Twitter or email?


2 responses to “The ONE Campaign’s social media ‘prank’

  1. I definitely fell for this email. I never click on the ONE campaigns, so I would have to say that the kitten video prank helped grab my attention. Sneaky but well done, I say!

  2. I think this is a great technique for the ONE campaign. They obviously know how to get their audiences attention, and although some people may see this as fooling the public, I think they are just redirecting the attention from something less serious, to the fight against AIDS.

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