Magazines addicted to Pinterest

Posted by Samantha Baker

With the sudden increase in users on Pinterest, magazines and other news outlets have been scrambling to get onboard with this hip site. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m really curious as to why magazines and other news outlets are so interested in this addictive website.

Photo by Samantha Baker.

In a recent article on Adage, writer Rupal Parekh explores magazines obsession with Pinterest, explaining how magazines are seizing this moment to capitalize on the website. Magazine publishing companies, such as Hearst, are taking their time to devise pinning strategies, as well as to analyze the pins of their competitors. These magazine publishing companies are carefully tracking “likes” and “repins” to see what their consumers are interested in on Pinterest, even going so far as to hire “Pinterns” to conduct this research.

As crazy as all this hoopla over one website may seem, it’s understandable why magazines are going to great lengths to capitalize on Pinterest’s popularity. With all the controversy surrounding Pinterest recently, it’s surprising to see magazines act so eagerly to capitalize on the site’s success. Luckily for Pinterest, with a change in their terms of service and policy agreement, magazine publishing companies and people all around the world no longer need to fret over whether they are breaking the law. This change may also be an important factor as to why magazines are moving so quick to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

While I understand why magazines and other news outlets are hoping on the Pinterest train, I still wonder whether they are posting original content or merely repining already existing content. In my opinion, if they are doing the latter then they are not doing anything unique. One of the reasons people read magazines is to discover original content, so I would hope they would carry this through to their Pinterest boards.

What do you think of magazines and other news outlets capitalizing on Pinterest’s success? Is it a good idea or bad idea? Does it depend on what kind of content they are posting?


4 responses to “Magazines addicted to Pinterest

  1. I think Pinterest is here to stay for magazines. There are so many regular visitors to the site that would be crazy for magazines not to capitalize on. It makes more sense for magazines to pin their own original content, but I think they will inevitably add content from other publications.

  2. I think this is really interesting and a smart thing for the magazines to be doing. Why not get a better look at what the consumer is interested in…because to me, that just makes it easier for magazines to target their audience more in-depthly. I personally haven’t jumped on the Pinterest train, but I think that is because of all the issues with copyright and what not. Tumblr works great for me. But great post!

    • I definitely agree with you Lauren. Pinterest easily and readily shows magazines what consumers are interested in without much hassle.

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